EU parliament member accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza

Manuel Pineda
Manuel Pineda
KHIAM — On Thursday, Manuel Pineda, a Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the Palestinian Committee, delivered a statement in front of Khiam Detention Center in southern Lebanon. He firmly asserted that "Israel" bears responsibility for the deaths of children, women, and journalists, and he categorized all of its actions in Gaza today as constituting war crimes, Khaberni reported. اضافة اعلان

His key statements were as follows:
Israeli aggression constitutes a war crime, and the world must ensure they are held accountable.
Both international law and religious principles uphold the right to self-defense and resistance against occupation, as exemplified in the events of October 7.
What "Israel" is perpetrating in Gaza is tantamount to a "Holocaust" against the Palestinian people.
From this perspective, we observe the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the Golan Heights, and certain Lebanese villages.
From this very place, we convey a message to the global community: stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Those who remain silent are complicit in these actions.

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