Drought plagues Syria amid water sharing concerns

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AMMAN – During the inaugural session of the 37th session of the Regional Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for the Near East and North Africa on Monday, Syrian Minister of Agriculture, Engineer Mohammed Hassan Qatana, underscored the importance of international agreements concerning water distribution between Syria and Jordan. اضافة اعلان

Addressing concerns about water scarcity impacting Jordan, Qatna clarified that climatic conditions and the lack of reservoir replenishment in Syria are the primary factors behind the insufficient water supply. He assured attendees that Syria remains dedicated to fulfilling its commitments regarding water distribution to Jordan once reservoirs are adequately refilled, Al-Ghad reported.

"We are committed to the water agreement with Jordan, and as neighboring countries, we are always engaged in direct dialogue on this matter," Qatna stated.

Syria has faced significant challenges due to four years of drought, resulting in water scarcity in reservoirs. Additionally, lakes have dried up, further exacerbating water shortages in the region.

Despite these challenges, Syria remains committed to agreements signed with Jordan and other Arab countries. Notably, a recent quadrilateral agreement among Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq aims to facilitate the exchange of agricultural products. This agreement seeks to harmonize plant and animal health quarantine systems, streamlining the exchange of goods among the four nations.

However, obstacles such as plant and animal health certificates, re-inspection, and product analysis at border crossings hinder the smooth flow of products among the four countries. To address these challenges, the quadrilateral agreement seeks to unify plant and animal health quarantine systems, allowing for the recognition of a single health certificate. This initiative aims to eliminate the need for re-inspection or analysis when crossing multiple border crossings between the four nations, facilitating trade and cooperation in the agricultural sector.

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