Conditions in Gaza are inhumane; floods of unsanitary water — UNICEF

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GAZA – Ted Chaiban, the UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, stated that the situation in Gaza has turned from catastrophic to near collapse and described the region as the most dangerous place in the world for children amid the Israeli war on Gaza.اضافة اعلان

Chaiban concluded his three-day visit to Gaza, where he coordinated with local and international organizations regarding emergency response and humanitarian operations, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

He referred to reports indicating that about 70 percent of the people killed in Gaza are women and children, saying that the killing of children must stop immediately.

Chaiban added that more than 1.9 million people, or about 85 percent of Gaza’s population, have become displaced, including people who have been displaced multiple times. More than a million of the internally displaced persons (IDP) are in Rafah.

Regarding the difficulty of accommodating the huge number of civilians on the border, Chaiban said that the conditions they live in are inhumane, with scarce water and poor sanitation. Rainwater that poured this week mixed with waste and sewage, creating floods of unsanitary water in the refugee camps.

He spoke about a 4,000 percent increase in diarrhea cases compared to the period before the war, adding that there is a severe deterioration in the health conditions of children in Gaza. If the deterioration continues, we may see death tolls worsen from disease and hunger.

Additionally, Chaiban mentioned that the little available food does not meet the nutritional needs of children, and as a result, thousands of children suffer from malnutrition and illness.

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