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AMMAN — While fans of Apple are known to be diehard loyalists to the brand, Apple’s lack of customizability, anti-repair rules, expensive repair costs, and other restrictions placed on their products have without a doubt turned some off to the company.اضافة اعلان

However, switching operating systems can seem daunting — until now. Samsung’s iTest now allows users to try the company’s UI before they switch.

What is the iTest? 

In possibly one of the most ironic ways possible, Samsung has developed a web-based application that allows their users to experience Samsung’s UI first hand. The irony is that typically this wouldn’t be possible through the App Store — something that many developers have experienced in their development cycles, which has led many to either move into web-based apps or completely remove the ability for users to engage with their product on iOS. 

The sibling-like rivalry between Samsung and Apple has been long, and with each new year, their phones become more and more alike. The only true difference of Samsung’s and Apple’s smartphones — at a glance — is their UI. 

Apple has long been one of the most innovative UX/UI developers, with Steve Job’s vision to make the device accessible enough that it would be intuitive for children to use. Staying true to their mission, we frequently see younger children spending much of their times on their iPads or iPhones, meaning that Apple did in fact achieve this goal. 

Samsung’s UX/UI experience isn’t inherently bad — in fact, it is comparable to that of Apple in terms of functionality and use, however many in today’s world see things in a far more polarizing fashion, if it’s not Apple, it’s not good enough. 

Samsung has prided themselves with the customizability of their phones, particularly their software, as Android phones do not necessarily require that an app comes directly from the Google Store. Unlike Apple, other platforms can host their download links for apps on alternate sources, meaning that Google doesn’t have their fingers all over those juicy commission dollars that Apple gets for every transaction. 

Even with that in mind, most Apple users, when asked whether or not they would entertain the idea of moving to a Samsung  device, often say that they are fearful of switching to Samsung’s UI. 

Samsung realized this, and developed their own Samsung trial experience for the iOS — the iTest web application, which allows users to experience the UI as if they were going through a Samsung phone. 

So what can I do on this app? 

In short, it gives you the whole experience of a Samsung phone to determine whether or not switching to Samsung might be the right choice for you. 
Once you launch the web-based app, you have access to every Samsung app, their game launcher, themes, tutorials that take you through the UI, the ability to take and access photos, and test out dummy calls with Samsung’s One UI. 

In essence, it’s akin to trying out the clothes at a retail store before making a purchase, everything is about ensuring that the size fits your needs. 

While the iTest doesn’t give you the opportunity to simply mask Apple’s UI, it has proven to be quite an effective way of convincing some on the fence. Upon release, Samsung announced that the number of users that switched from iOS to Samsung had doubled over the fiscal year. 

Currently, there is no iOS sampler for Samsung users interested in trying out Apple’s UI. 

However, as stated previously, the iOS is significantly more user friendly in terms of accessibility, so much so that even toddlers are able to pick it up and become browsing pros within days of use. Apple invests heavily into their UX, as is evident with their latest 15.0 update that has brought some much needed revamps to Apple fans. 

I’m interested, but what Samsung phones are worth the money? 

One of the leading differences between Apple and Samsung in terms of their offerings is that Apple has taken a holistic approach to upgrades and their line-up is singular, with each next generation bringing upgrades to components every other year. 

Samsung on the other hand, happens to have a wide diversity of phones, ranging from budget smartphones that fit daily needs to incredible powerhouses such as the Galaxy S21. 

If you’re looking for a well-rounded option that won’t break your bank, I recommend checking out the Samsung Galaxy A90, which is a great entry point into Samsung.  The all-round phone has a relatively strong display, 64GB of storage, 6GB of RAM, and is considered to perform quite well for day-to-day tasks, all at the cost of around JD350. 

Alternatively, if you’re an Apple fan that always buys the next generation phone the second it comes out, then we can recommend nothing but the latest Galaxy S21 — the latest and most powerful Samsung phone. Featuring an 888 Snapdragon CPU with a 6.2 inch screen size, and a baseline storage of 128GB, this phone is and will continue to run anything and everything you throw at it in the foreseeable future, at the cost of around JD850. 

While Apple has done a phenomenal job of strategically locking in customers from a very young age, right around the time the iPhone was just a novel concept in society, we have come far in terms of technological advancements since then. Apple’s competitors, such as Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, and Xioming have continued to impress tech enthusiasts with their latest releases and it would appear that they are only getting started. 

So if you’re tired of Apple’s missteps and would like to stop navigating around their “genius bar” business model, feel free to give iTest a try and decide whether or not your next phone could be the one that made you change sides. 

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