iOs 15.1 Apple’s long-awaited SharePlay feature is finally here

Apple ios 15
(Photos: Handouts from Apple)
AMMAN — When intermediary iOS updates roll around, iPhone users become jaded to them as they are often used to patch up previous bugs, implement small features that barely see any use, or sometimes even feature minor graphical or accessibility upgrades. اضافة اعلان

This time, however, Apple clearly didn’t want to disappoint, with iOS 15.1 having a feature most iPhone users would agree should only be expected in larger upgrades, such as iOS’s 16.0 version. 

Behold, SharePlay is here 

SharePlay is a feature that is directly integrated into the FaceTime app, enabling users to share their screens and internal device sounds with others. This includes movies, music, and playlists, all the while syncing the audios of both devices to mitigate distortion. 

After its initial release, SharePlay will become available for iPads and Macs with a function that is similar to screensharing. 

While screensharing tools have long been available on the market, they do not offer a synced movie-watching option while maintaining sound and graphical quality like SharePlay does. For those who often spend their time away from their friends or loved ones and want to catch up over a movie, this feature completely changes the way they interact with one another. 

SharePlay comes at no additional cost to iPhone users, and will be available on all devices that have FaceTime enabled. 

ProRes Video Capture: From cameraperson to camera lead

For those of you who love filming in crisp high resolution and have recently upgraded to the latest model of the iPhone, ProRes Video Capture is a new feature that is bound to increase the throughput of your phone’s camera capabilities. ProRes is a professional video recording format that is commonly used by professionals, be it film directors, television series filmographers, or commercial videographers. This format gives shots a livelier look with less compression.

(Photos: Handouts from Apple)

Due to the size of the video files, Apple has stated that base models with 128 GB of storage will only be able to shoot at 30fps and 1080p to ensure that ample space is available on the device for video storage. However, larger storage models will be able to record in 4K, a value-added benefit to upgrading to the flagship model of the iPhone 13. 

Auto macro toggle 

A feature that is only available on the latest iPhone model, the Auto Macro toggle enables users to switch between their regular and ultra wide lens on a whim. This is particularly useful when users are constantly switching between close and long shots. With the new toggle, users will have complete control over which lens is used while shooting. 

Vaccine cards

We’ve all been there, digging around for the vaccine certificate — be it in your purse or on an app on your phone — when in reality a more convenient option should have been developed ages ago. 

Well, Apple’s got you covered. In the latest update, your wallet can store vaccination cards and any relevant reports. This also goes in tandem with relevant QR codes, which can also be stored on the vaccine card sheet to give quick access to anyone who intends to verify your vaccination. As more regulations are developed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this addition will save everyone the hassle of having to always keep physical records handy. 

Last but not least, battery prediction algorithms 

While a small change, in some extreme cases, this algorithm tweak may prove a life saver. Apple has modified its algorithm that predicts the amount of time you have before your device officially gives up due to lack of power, giving users the opportunity to judge whether they should sit those extra few minutes by the charger. 

Overall, the update offers a significant enough update to warrant some excitement for Apple enthusiasts, with the obvious winner being SharePlay. 

The ProRes feature, while a definite welcome, is still going to be quite heavy on memory and therefore some users may never actually use the feature due to a lack of larger storage models, or simply put, the lack of need for rich shots. For those that are into content creation, such as TikTokers or YouTubers, this feature could be their highlight. 

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