Pixel Pass: Google’s long-awaited counter to Apple One

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Whether or not Google’s all-in-one service is worth it at all would depend on how Google decides to play their cards during this Fall’s Pixel Launch (Photo: Google)
AMMAN — Apple One is an all-in-one subscription that bundles four Apple services. It was the tech giants’ way of getting onboard with the “software as a service” (SaaS) subscription model that many other sub industries in the tech world had begun profiting off in the past. اضافة اعلان

This subscription model introduced Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and a 50GB baseline storage on iCloud for users that decided to pay a monthly subscription to gain access to all of the above services. 

At the moment of writing this article, it has been hinted that Google was aiming to follow Apple’s example, offering many of Google’s own services bundled together with a running subscription on a monthly basis, through Pixel Pass.

While this hasn’t been set out in absolute detail yet, sources that in the past have confirmed multiple leaks, have spoken up and verified that Google indeed aims to target this demographic as the SaaS business model is a highly profitable one — all the while stating that Google’s offerings may in fact be more enticing to the average Android user versus its counterpart.

Apple One was broken down into three categories in order to capture the largest target audience possible — the individual package for regular users, the family package that allows up to five users to use the service simultaneously, and a premium package which expanded the total amount of storage available on the iCloud all the way up to 200 GB.

At its core, the Apple One offerings were received relatively well, with most users that were already using one of the bundled services seeing the most bang for their buck in the long run, particularly those that ran into storage issues with iCloud.

So what’s on offer from Google? 

According to Brandon Lee, the aforementioned source that has verified numerous Android related leaks in the past, Google seeks to combine both the Apple One subscription model with the Apple upgrade program approach.

The pricing structure isn’t currently known, however the applications that have been almost adamantly confirmed would include YouTube Premium, Google One, and Play Pass.

As far as the associated upgrade program, no years were quoted that would have to pass in order to warrant an upgrade. In addition to the upgrade, at the time of the purchase of a new device, users would also receive an extended warranty on their smartphones, further leveraging the added value to guarantee sale of the service. 

The service also includes access to Google Fi, essentially Google’s own network akin to mobile internet access, however this feature currently only exists within the United States, and will therefore not have any value for users in Jordan. 

Currently it hasn’t been announced whether the upgrade, warranty and premium access to platforms such as YouTube will be available for separate purchase.

However, based on several sources across social media, it would appear that premium access will be made available for purchase by users through their devices’ stores. Whereas the warranty and upgrade services would only be available at the time of purchasing a new device. It hasn’t yet been confirmed what devices are going to be featured in the upgrade program. 

Is it worth it? 

While no price has been named for the Pixel Pass as of yet, experience suggests that it wouldn’t be too far off the price for Apple One which currently goes for JD7.75 per month.

Looking at both offers we can see that they are relatively similar, with the only exception being Apple’s added Fitbit premium membership that Google currently has no alternatives for.
The value of this service would entirely depend on whether or not access to this service is directly tied in with purchasing a new device from Google or whether it would be possible to gain access through owning a Google Phone.

The latter would obviously be the most optimal for most users, as upgrading to the latest Pixel 6 phone has been rumored to start at a base price of JD355, with the flagship edition that has 512GB of memory going for a hefty JD640. 

If the upgrade is necessary, users online have said that this modus operandi is by far not the most optimal for both user’s needs and the natural environment. Similar to Apple’s upgrade program, many question the validity of swapping their smartphones every two years, as the continuous production of new phones as well as disposal of older models, directly damages the natural environment. 

Additionally, with the latest plateauing of smartphone innovation, that has been seen both in Apple’s latest iPhone 13 model, as well as in multiple alternate leaders in the smartphone environment such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung, users are beginning to question whether or not upgrades are necessary at all as the differences between each generation begin to blur. 

Overall, the subscription service to the platforms is definitely a welcome experience, YouTube premium offers offline downloads, background playtime, ad-free viewing and access to YouTube original TV shows and movies.

Should the subscription cost for Pixel Pass be adjusted to match that for Apple One’s subscription plan, it is possible to argue that the YouTube subscription alone would warrant the upgrade, as that membership alone costs roughly JD8 per month.
To stay updated with the most relevant information, you can head over to Pixel’s Fall Launch official website where you can get the most up-to date information on Google’s latest upcoming offers on phones and services. 

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