Game development studio seeks to open doors for youth into fast-growing industry

Jordanian company Mad Hook sees gaming as ‘essential’ entertainment

Mad Hook Office
(Photo: Handout from Mad Hook)
AMMAN — Mad Hook, an independent game development studio based in Amman, is on a mission to bring innovative video games to the community's dedicated gamers. اضافة اعلان

But according to co-founder and CEO Hazem Hanbali, the company wants to help its local community for reasons other than entertainment and gaming. They aim to shed more light on the industry and its importance as a career path for those who are passionate about developing games as a profession.

“In terms of game creation, we feel that companies like Mad Hook and similar gaming studios will be extremely helpful in creating job opportunities for people who are interested in working in game development and other areas of the game industry,” he explained.

“We believe that this industry, in particular, is very essential in our region, and that it might open many doors of opportunity for fresh graduates who are passionate about this field but have never had the opportunity to be led to it.”

On a global level, the gaming industry's revenues were expected to reach $179.7 billion in 2020, according to Business Insider, and Mad Hook was able to cash in on that growth, with its income increasing by 160 percent in 2020. The majority of sales that year come from the US, Japan, and the MENA region, according to Hanbali.

Mad Hook
seeks to develop and publish their own original games, using the most contemporary technologies available to create games that meet the standards of the local gaming community.

“We are always hoping that the games we publish are ones that we would like to play, which is why we personalize them before releasing them to the market,” he continued. “We are also continuously pursuing the finest technology to deliver the best experience in each game.”

The gaming company was founded in 2018 by Hazem Hanbali and Ibrahim Al-Hasan, with the intention of developing mobile games for the Middle East and North Africa region, but has now expanded to develop mobile games for the global market.

The organization managed to surpass 10 million downloads, with just 11 employees in total. The company’s many games include The Chase, Highway Drifter, and Rooftop Run.

“We believe that gaming is really essential in terms of entertainment,” Hanbali told Jordan News. “But we also believe that our community and region still lack content and material in terms of local and Arabic games,” he added.

Hanbali feels that their mission will not be completed until they have “created one of the largest game development studios in the region” and have “grown even bigger” in the global market.

“We will not stop until we make sure that everyone enjoys our games,” he said. “We take their feedback very seriously, which is why we also take suggestions from our gamer fans, so that we can always keep meeting their expectations.”

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