Ghada Al-Sheikh: The journalist who found her zen as a yoga trainer

Ghada Al-Sheikh
Ghada Al-Sheikh (Photo: Handout from Ghada Al-Sheikh)
Ghada Al-Sheikh has found an interesting way to strike a work-life balance, going from the hustle and bustle of life as a journalist to helping others find serenity through yoga.اضافة اعلان

With almost a decade of athleticism behind her, Sheikh says exercise has become a sort of “addiction” to her, coming second only to her job.

“I have been playing sports for around eight years, to the point where I have become addicted. Exercise is my biggest interest right after journalism, having tried Zumba and kickboxing in the past. And because I enjoy a mix of strength training, movement and flexibility, I made the switch to yoga”

And while most gym goers and athletes have lamented the impact of COVID-19 on their athletic endeavors, Sheikh managed to make the most out of lockdown.

“One of the advantages of COVID-19 and lockdown is that it gave me the time to take online classes with several coaches. Most recently, my trainer, Raneen Al-Nawaiseh could tell I had a passion for yoga and the potential to take it further.”

“Through my research, I found an academy in India that specializes in certifying yoga trainers, especially because it is not an easy form of exercise, which requires knowledge of breathing and meditation techniques to be done correctly.”

Sheikh explained that while yoga and journalism are polar opposites, they have helped her create balance.

“Journalism and yoga have nothing to do with each other. Working in journalism is exhausting and puts you under immense psychological pressures. Yoga on the other hand, is all about relaxation, peace and serenity.”

Recounting how she found a footing in the media industry, Sheikh recalled that it was push from her parents that inspired her to become a journalist.

“My parents inspired me to work in journalism because they sensed my desire to help others and hold on to my morals,” she said.

Sheikh continued: “I studied modern languages (English and Italian) but never got around to using them because as soon as I graduated, I found myself working in the media industry, more specifically Al-Ghad, where I have been working for 13 years.” To Sheikh, journalism is not just a career path, but rather a “humanitarian message”.

 “I have received support from everyone around me and I feel my parents’ blessings, God rest their souls. But it was my friends who encouraged me to get into training yoga,” Sheikh said, urging all those wishing to work in sports to persevere.

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