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ARIES: Your friendliness takes the spotlight and attracts possible new companions. You may find yourself engaging in some carefree social functions. Enjoy meeting interesting new people who come from a variety of backgrounds.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: In times of power struggles and worry, lean into your imagination to help guide you to a new way of thinking. Seeing things from a new angle can help you see even better outcomes and find novel solutions.

GEMINI: Draw upon the wisdom of your closest friends and let your own imagination run free to formulate a plan to turn your wishes into reality. Trust in yourself but be willing to take beneficial advice to heart if you run into any kind of emotional obstacle.

Full speed ahead. Once you have chosen your course of action, do not hesitate to pull out all the stops to attain your objectives. Make intelligent decisions about taking on extra financial obligations now.

LEO: Remain aware of rules and regulations if out for an evening of fun. Enjoy some friendly competition with friends but be aware that not all people may be interested in playing fair or keeping a level playing field

VIRGO: The weekend is here! Time to shed your business persona and enjoy some well-deserved rest and recreation. Spend some time at social gatherings or make plans for a romantic outing. A friend may offer some exhilarating ideas.

LIBRA: Your social calendar may be full of gatherings that could broaden your knowledge. You may enjoy meeting with people who are older, wiser and with different ways of thinking. You can experience a wide range of viewpoints and ideas.

SCORPIO: You may be enthused about a fascinating subject or make a valuable network connection. A situation where you must adapt to an unpredictable companion might crop up. Show off your versatility to gracefully shift the conditions and set necessary boundaries.

SAGITTARIUS: Affection and romance are in the air. You could spend some quality time with a favorite companion. Be aware of the potential for friction with a loved one; consider suggesting some entertaining activities and hobbies to do together.

CAPRICORN: Your weekend plans will run more smoothly if you clear your desk and get your mind off your work. If your answer to a proposal isn’t coming clear in your mind, be sure to take the time you need to decide.

AQUARIUS: You would love to operate without limits, yet every situation has some limitations. Learning to work within the limits of any job, situation or relationship is part of the journey of self-mastery.

PISCES: An opportunity may arise to showcase your intelligence to the public or your romantic devotion to someone in private. You may find you have the enthusiasm and energy to make great progress on creative projects.

IF FEB. 24 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the upcoming five weeks your energy levels get recharged, and your leadership abilities may be highlighted. Extra responsibilities may come your way in April, when you are hampered by restrictions or dissatisfied by obstacles that prevent you from attaining your ambitions. Hold off on making changes or beginning new ventures during late April and early May when your decisions could be off base. Optimism is abundant in May, but you could be careless, too. Wait until late June to take an inspiring vacation or to unleash your creative visions. Lay low in the second half of July and early August when you must work hard to keep your head above water. Late August and early September is a time to pursue success, launch your plans or make crucial decisions since your judgment is better than usual.

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