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ARIES: You might be ready to risk everything on the spin of the wheel. Your enthusiasm may be touched off by a challenging family member or an educational event. Avoid making unplanned or spur-of-the-moment purchases.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It is smart to remain down to earth while handling tasks and keep your adventurous side under wraps. Your practical side may prefer a sure thing,, but you may also want to push against boring routines.

GEMINI: Take a close look at expenditures and see where you might be able to cut out something unnecessary. Keep a tight grip on your money right now. Focus instead on the thoughts and ideas you are currently developing.

CANCER: You are a good sport who will congratulate the winner. A willingness to cooperate can be your most useful talent. You may take risks no one else will take because you are an optimist and refuse to see the potential pitfalls.

LEO: Giving in to your daredevil side might lead you down a dead-end road. Ask yourself if new things could really prove satisfying, or if you’re just chasing a new high. The best investment you can make is in your own self-work.

VIRGO: Every strategy starts somewhere, and you are just the person to mastermind things. Your perceptiveness is enhanced by being observant in social situations. Avoid making drastic changes in any work-related routines.

LIBRA: Mend fences with the intention of creating long-term, sustainable solutions to misunderstandings that permanently benefit everyone. Business contacts could offer a promising lead or put in a good word for you.

SCORPIO: Wait until the dust settles to make a decision. You may be too busy with your work to pay attention to details. Someone might want to take a break from you, but you may not be able to make a break from the past.

SAGITTARIUS: You may not tolerate half measures when you are fired up with enthusiasm. Your children, a hobby or a creative project could need a lot of your time. A family member might show you a few new tricks.

CAPRICORN: Take pride in being persistent despite interruptions and unexpected changes to your plans. Your business skills are in great shape so utilize them if you feel stirred by compelling visions of ways to turn a profit.

AQUARIUS: The best dishes often simmer on the back-burner until all the flavors blend. You may have an important decision to make that may need more time to come together fully in your mind. Be sure you are on the right track.

PISCES: Discussions about emotional issues might bring out your sympathetic side. Your financial security could be at risk if you are overconfident. You may be too trusting of others or willing to depend upon good luck.

IF FEB. 6 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You have plenty of energy and enthusiasm during the next three to four weeks and may receive a beneficial offer or opportunity. This is an excellent time to make wise decisions or to put plans into motion because whatever is good for you is likely to become a success. In March and April, however, you may make false starts due to unexpected changes or get caught up in a wild goose chase. Late May is an excellent time for romantic escapades or you may get an opportunity for a vacation where you can live out a long-time dream. Your social life could bounce in July when you are more involved in group activities. August is the best time to change jobs or careers since your talents and skills are more obvious. You can make an important commitment such as an engagement since trustworthiness is emphasized.

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