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ARIES: Prepare for being in the spotlight. Your special talents make you a welcome addition to any group or gathering. You might feel that your social life is boring right now, but this is just a temporary condition.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Being a people person today might mean being more dignified and reserved than usual. Read the room to see the best way to handle the situation. If in doubt, fall back on classic manners and protocols.

GEMINI: Put some effort into stretching your body and mind so you can move beyond current limits. Your street smarts and practical insights may make it easy for you to turn a hobby or creative project into a moneymaking hustle.

CANCER: You may be prompted to share your wealth as well as your opinion. Someone may pressure you to spend money on something that simply isn’t necessary. Use good judgment and tact to avoid an awkward situation.

LEO: Love and duty may walk hand in hand. Search for ways to be helpful rather than harmful. Your objection to someone’s bad behavior may be right on the mark, but you would still be wise to employ some diplomacy.

VIRGO: It might not be as difficult to earn money as it is to spend it wisely and well. Focus on making sound decisions that will give you both pleasure and help you to build future financial freedom. Investigate new business tactics and strategies.

LIBRA: Be dependable and don’t let anyone down. A friend or loved one may rely on you to be there for support. A promise may seem insignificant but still must be honored. Uphold your promises and everyone should be satisfied.

SCORPIO: You may need to slow down so someone can catch up. The right touch will be the lightest touch. Remain upbeat and cheerful when someone is too serious or negative and steer clear of people who appear to misunderstand.

SAGITTARIUS: A close friend or colleague may tell you the real truth. Harmless banter and lighthearted chat can keep things upbeat. Avoid confrontations or holding heart-to-heart discussions about important matters today.

CAPRICORN: You are the person who cares the most about your well-being and financial security; don’t rely on anyone else to protect your nest egg. You can take care of your possessions and be smart without becoming a miser.

AQUARIUS: Don’t bother to go shopping for anything of significance because you are unlikely to find a bargain or a treasure today. A loved one’s feelings may be hurt if you don’t handle their concerns promptly.

PISCES: Your habitual patterns of thinking will create your reality. Stop imagining the worst if you want to be at your best. Use your powerful imagination for new insights but keep both feet firmly on the ground.

IF JAN. 20 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be caught up in daydreams and wishful thinking this week, but during the next two to three weeks, your commonsense returns. You are blessed by good judgment and a better chance for financial and business success in March when you are wise about the ways of the world. This can be an excellent time to launch a business or start something of importance because you will be consistent and persistent about following through. In late April, however, buckle down to fulfilling your obligations and maintain a low profile. Start nothing new in April even if friends or your own ambitions urge you to take chances or make changes. You may attract helpful alliances in May when you can take advantage of beneficial celestial conditions to ask for favors or put your most cherished ideas into motion.

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