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ARIES: You may be at your best in business situations. However, you could be challenged to keep your finances in order when unexpected expenses arrive. Consider every emerging experience as a chance to learn.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your social life could become complicated. Put the needs of others first even if it seems your efforts are temporarily unappreciated. You might never know how important kindness is until you receive some just when you need it.

GEMINI: Enjoy new contacts and touching base with old friends and acquaintances too. A conversation might reveal that an old friend has become involved with something new and exciting that could pique your interest.

CANCER: A partner or loved one’s wild fantasies could trigger your imagination and spark creative ideas. You prefer to dwell in a drama-free zone with tranquil surroundings. Chill out and relax as the weekend begins to unfold.

LEO: Be prepared for potential alternatives in case plans fall through and new ones need to take their place. Someone you meet might appear to know how to fatten up even the skinniest little wallets — keep expectations from being too optimistic.

VIRGO: Abandon the struggle to present a picture of perfection as you deal with people on the career, job, or the business front. The real you is absolutely enough. A relationship dilemma can resolve if you become more sensitive and sympathetic.

LIBRA: Consider supporting a worthy cause or a local fundraiser. You may seem to have no choice but to focus on social activities rather than business. Your performance on the job could be improved by a coworker’s suggestions.

SCORPIO: Let a passing fancy pass you by. Your attractive qualities are obvious, but some people who are magnetically attracted to you might not be worthy companions. Revisit a family situation under better conditions.

SAGITTARIUS: You may miss out on some fun by putting in a few extra hours, but it will be worth the effort in the end. This is not a good time to start messing with investments because you might overthink financial strategies.

CAPRICORN: Intoxicating anticipation can create a buzz but there could be a letdown if events do not turn out as you expected. It would be wise to wait several more days before taking drastic action about a family matter.

AQUARIUS: Friendliness can be your ticket to success. New acquaintances or friendly coworkers could help you make more money or gain peace of mind. Save your money right now as though it can never be replaced.

PISCES: You may hope to relax and indulge in creature comforts. Put your financial concerns aside and focus on romance. Heartfelt generosity, without thought of reward, receives the most appreciation from loved ones.

IF JAN. 13 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your need to be seen as someone who runs their life in a logical way could put you in the driver’s seat for the next two to three weeks. However, in February, you may daydream or fall prey to wishful thinking, which can put you at a disadvantage. Group meetings and social gatherings could be a priority in March when your friendliness is activated. In April, you can escape for a restful weekend retreat where you may be inspired by your surroundings or simple time off. This is a good time for creative work as well as finding appropriate channels for your enthusiasm. Steer clear of new business and financial ventures in June when your wisdom in worldly affairs is at a low point. Late July or early August may be the best time to launch crucial plans or to make major changes because you will be ready, willing and able to embrace something new and exciting.

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