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ARIES: There are only so many hours in a day, and if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, today is the shortest day of the year. To get it all done you may be tempted to get things done all at once or cut a few unimportant corners.


TAURUS: Check in with yourself. As you ponder your progress through life, you may begin to feel that your studies or ambitions are paying off. Having fun together doesn’t guarantee you would make good life partners.


GEMINI: Close the book for now but bookmark the page. Some misunderstandings will seem less troublesome if you take a break. You will have better luck solving problems if you touch base with a devoted friend or partner.


CANCER: The Solstice is a turning point in the year, marking either the shortest day or the longest, depending on your hemisphere. This may feel like a time of new beginnings and promise, or a time of fruition and plenty.


LEO: If you shame yourself for errors, you can never learn. A mistake may leave you feeling down, but once you rectify things take time to understand how to do it better. Listen closely and take advantage when opportunity knocks on your door.


VIRGO: Your day may seem stressful, but you should be able to return to a warm and welcoming home environment. A friend may call or show up on your doorstep with gifts or a family member may share valuable insights.


LIBRA: As the season officially changes, your interests may become more centered on home and family. You can make headway in achieving your dreams of financial prosperity if you pay close attention to a friend’s advice.


SCORPIO: You have set the bar for success and now you can enjoy the rewards for your hard work. Sociable companions and exciting outings could be on your calendar. Plan to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do.


SAGITTARIUS: If you are good within yourself, you can afford to be understanding if a partner or loved one is struggling. Use common sense if family members go overboard or if you are tempted to be extravagant.


CAPRICORN: If you are feeling at peace with the world, work on ways to pay it back or pay it forward. You should have the resources to be generous toward loved ones and the time to participate in several social activities.


AQUARIUS: You may feel released from something that previously held you back. You may be entertained and moved by stories steeped in the past; look through old albums, revisit your roots or reach out to an elder.


PISCES: Express your sincere affections whenever you can. Process your confusion or anger if someone is unfair so you’ll be able to offer genuine forgiveness. It’s fine to believe in the goodness of others as long as your eyes are open too.

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IF DEC. 21 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: A desire to believe in others could allow you to be misled by an unscrupulous person if you are not correctly reading the situation during the next three to four weeks. Early March is a time when your romantic or artistic visions could work to your advantage if you take a vacation or embark on a creative project. Work hard and be conscientious in April when you can gather experience and prove your tenacity. The first half of May is the best time to make crucial decisions and make some serious plans for your future. If you have not been sure of someone, this is a time when friends will show their true colors. Anyone worth knowing will be available, but those who don’t have your best interests at heart will fade into the background. Accept offers and advice wholeheartedly as they will result in permanent benefits.


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