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ARIES: You might enjoy an abundance of creative activities. Show off your leadership and support skills by cheering on someone else’s efforts. Be considerate of others and avoid harsh words to derive the most benefit from discussions.


TAURUS: You might win with sheer determination, but being practical and wise about business helps, too. Don’t push your luck with a boss or authority figure who might not be sympathetic or understanding now.


GEMINI: If you are in your zone and at your best, you should be able to handle every challenge. Beware of being more aggressive and competitive than usual. Get it done in advance to avoid a last-minute sprint to finish projects.


CANCER: Adjust your perspective if you think your glass is half empty, rather than half full. You could feel drained of energy as well as motivation. A partner or loved one might seem obsessed with a business or creative moneymaking project.


LEO: Stay strong even if you are facing obstacles. Don’t let anything anyone says undermine your confidence. Office parties and holiday events might turn out to be much more enjoyable than you may have imagined.


VIRGO: Making clever business decisions or immersing yourself in a creative project may multiply your own brand of joy and holiday cheer. Steer clear of misunderstandings and disputes with family members and your co-workers.


LIBRA: It may be difficult to find spare time to spend with loved ones. Confusing conditions could make every project more time consuming; so could an apathetic attitude. Do your best to search out carefully curated gifts..


SCORPIO: You could be persuaded to spend money unwisely or exercise poor taste and should avoid making major purchases today. Use your research skills to gather the best prices and read the reviews with care.


SAGITTARIUS: Some energies are never able to align. This isn’t the time to sign agreements or make important commitments because you are likely to be on a completely different wavelength than the other people involved.


CAPRICORN: A brief period of turbulence could set a relationship spinning out of control. Harmless flirtations with the wrong people could trigger problems. Focus on getting a task completed and try to sidestep misunderstandings.


AQUARIUS: You can be at your best when you can organize your time and demonstrate your efficiency to those around you. Offer to take charge of any family or career tasks that need to get done and handle them like a rock star.


PISCES: You can readily absorb information — discovering practical solutions to problems can be very satisfying. A temptation to overspend to impress the recipient should be ignored; minding your budget is good self-care.

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IF DEC. 14 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may have increased energy and enthusiasm as the next two weeks unfold but you may also be easily distracted by wishful thinking as the holidays arrive. You might rub shoulders with people who give you a chance to show off your leadership abilities in January. Making successful bids for material success could dominate your thinking in February, but that is actually a better time to focus on inspiring ideas and personal relationships. A vacation or even a weekend getaway could satisfy any longing to escape the daily grind. The first half of April is an ideal time to make plans or to judge who really has your best interests at heart. Any opportunity that arrives should be highly beneficial and you could experience good fortune with whatever you put into motion. 

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