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ARIES: When you’ve done the self-work, you can cruise through the day feeling tolerant and serene. When you are at peace with yourself, you can avoid being triggered by fears and worries that may make other people flee or freeze.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: New isn’t necessarily better but people are often attracted to the newest things anyway. Check in with yourself — you may actually be contented with what you already own. Following passing trends can prove costly.

GEMINI: Not every activity will be productive. Sometimes cleaning out closets or organizing your desk, however, will make it easier to get a job done. A loved one’s suggestions are likely to be little more than wishful thinking.

CANCER: Your work, or your health, may seem to present some challenges now. You may decide it’s time to change your habits to overcome the obstacles limiting you. You can be logical and intuitive at the same time.

LEO: Talk things over before you jump in head first. A new romantic prospect, investment or hobby may need a set of guardrails. You may easily get carried away with fantasies so be sure to set some reasonable limits.

VIRGO: You may easily detect subterfuge and falsehoods, but misunderstandings could still develop during negotiations unless you are crystal clear about your intentions. Consider whether to step in to settle complicated family squabbles.

LIBRA: When you’ve done enough healing, reality can be your friend instead of something to run from. Finish your tasks and fulfill promises with consistency. Build your self-mastery and you’ll never look back.

SCORPIO: Ignoring the facts will not change them. This isn’t a good time to make financial decisions or to become entangled in a get-rich scheme. You may be dealing with people who are deceptive or simply blind to the truth.

SAGITTARIUS: Find enough quiet and space for spiritual practice and inner communion and make it a regular habit. Keep a new acquaintance at arm’s length until the potential of the relationship can be explored more thoroughly.

CAPRICORN: Let your head rule your heart. Your hectic schedule leaves little time for phone calls and social activities. You might find it difficult to mix business with pleasure, so put off friendly chats until tomorrow.

When you are tough-minded and being less pleasing, some people may not warm up to you. However, there are people who will appreciate the way you handle responsibilities and consider you to be a steadying influence.

PISCES: What you think is private might be more apparent than you think. Be sure tasks are complete before you indulge yourself. Embrace your authentic self, practice self-care and give yourself plenty of praise for things you are proud of.

IF NOV. 23 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may feel somewhat unsettled and dissatisfied during the upcoming three to four weeks if things do not quite go your way. The answer to your prayers may arrive in late December and anyone new that you meet at that time should have your best interests at heart. Make personal plans and decisions while you have an extra helping of good advice from well-wishers and an opportunity to create a more prosperous future. January might be a great month to take a vacation if you don’t get sidetracked by unrealistic romantic expectations. Your social life may blossom in February when a circle of friends or a new group of like-minded people can brighten your life. Refuse to get carried away by high-flown ambitions in March when you must work hard, pay your dues, follow the rules to a tee and prove you can handle responsibilities.

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