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Today's Horoscopes

ARIES: Impulses can sometimes be the best thing to follow. Jump at a chance to try something new or make a new friend. An admirer may be willing to wait in the wings until you are finished dealing with mundane affairs.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Newer might not mean better; a friend may suggest a more conventional method. It’s likely that you have the knowledge and the diligence to see a project through without making any revisions to your plan.

GEMINI: Keep your temper in check if you encounter frustrations and cannot gain traction. This could be an excellent time to rely on a partner’s good judgment and wisdom when key changes and decisions must be made.

CANCER: Your passions may be stirred by a new enthusiasm. Work hard and play hard but remember to love gently. A loved one or a partner might disagree with details but is probably on your side 100%.

LEO: Keep your schedule open. Don’t waste too much time making plans because a phone call, text, or knock at the door might bring you an opportunity that solves a problem. A partner may remind you of some other obligations.

VIRGO: Being willing to compromise and cooperate with others indicates confidence and strength, not weakness. Concentrate on learning techniques that will help you develop your creative side or increase your wealth.

LIBRA: Someone else may be claiming time in the spotlight now. You may meet charming people who are the life of the party or extremely appealing. Seek out sound professional advice about your career or health.

SCORPIO: Take a walk on the sunny side of the street. You may be content with what you have and be willing to share it. This could be a good time to formulate powerful plans with a partner and make crucial business decisions.

SAGITTARIUS: You probably possess both the will and the people skills to go far. Turn the other cheek when someone is seems ready to start an argument. This may be an excellent time to mend fences and offer any needed amends to put a relationship right.

CAPRICORN: New opportunities and insights may relieve some old anxieties, so you could feel free to wholeheartedly try something new. Once you put your plan into motion, you should persevere until you meet your goals.

AQUARIUS: Carve out your own niche. Loved ones may give you the room to grow and thrive. You might be happiest if you spend time in an intimate one-on-one rendezvous rather than participating in group get-togethers.

PISCES: Luck is part instinct and part good timing. If you are in the right place at the right time, you may meet someone who improves your life, or you could learn of lucrative opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears open.

IF NOV. 18 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Make hay while the sun shines during the next two to three weeks. This is an excellent time to join an organization or to widen your social networking circle since people may immediately respond to your friendliness and warmth. Try not to make any major changes or decisions during December when you are more likely to attract harsh criticism for mistakes and censure for errors of judgment. Maintain a low profile, follow the rules, meet every deadline and do your best to steer clear of disputes. January, unfortunately, brings more of the same, so be sure to get plenty of rest so you can better handle a challenging schedule. By late February, conditions should really improve and your judgment can be used to put your financial and business ideas to work on your behalf.

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