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ARIES: This is a poor time to start any new project or take on any additional financial responsibilities like a car loan or house payment. Fulfill promises as agreed and show others that you are reliable and worthy of trust.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: The spirit is willing, but the situation is weak. You may have huge ambitions but could encounter red tape and obstacles that thwart your progress. Hold off on starting anything new until the end of the week.

GEMINI: You risk falling off if you’re living on the edge, do what you can to shore things up.. You can make a good first impression by being tolerant of other people’s viewpoints. Wait until tensions subside to make important decisions.

CANCER: Always test assumptions. Some problems can be overcome through sheer willpower — with others you’ll need to ask for help. You should realize that someone you deal with may be operating with a strategic business plan.

LEO: Watch your step. Some people may seem to take anything you say or do the wrong way. Share your ideas diplomatically rather than giving orders. Don’t skirt the rules or ignore regulations as someone could report you.

VIRGO: If you are already busy you don’t need more obligations or responsibilities. This isn’t a good time to volunteer for more duties that may overwhelm you. If you are in too much of a hurry, you might offend a loved one.

LIBRA: Nobody wins a stalemate; a far better solution would be to find common ground. Keep your promises but keep your plans quiet until you have all the facts. Do not rush into making important decisions or changes.

SCORPIO: Everyone has challenges they struggle with, but that does not mean you can get away with being a jerk. You can earn someone’s respect and put others at ease once you admit that you were in the wrong or made a mistake.

SAGITTARIUS: Determine if there is an actual conflict, then resolve disagreements by arriving at a compromise. Someone might blow a difference of opinion out of proportion; be cautious about how you express it.

CAPRICORN: Small things can add up. Clip coupons and look for discounts, but do not make major changes or investments today. Continue to hone your plans with passion and purpose even if others aren’t quite ready yet.

AQUARIUS: Play it safe. Do not ignore the rules or take shortcuts. Pay attention to normal responsibilities and any problems that may arise at home. You shouldn’t ignore anything that needs your attention or must be fixed.

PISCES: Listen for the subtext because some people may not be honest or aboveboard. Ask questions rather than assuming you understand everything about what is going on. Avoid anything whatsoever that is ethically in the gray area.

IF NOV. 16 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the next two to three weeks your friendliness may bring you into contact with a wider range of people and social activities where you can easily form new friendships. Wait until December’s holidays, when your heart could be filled with bliss, to relax on a romantic vacation or take a trip to an inspiring location. In the first half of January, keep focused on duties and responsibilities and don’t take risks with your job or finances or become entangled in a new relationship. Past problems could reemerge and require attention. You could have a tiger by the tail in February where finances, career and your professional life are concerned. Take charge of your health by instilling better habits and be sure your self-care lives up to what is needed now. You can make permanent progress by focusing on your childhood talents and interests and incorporating them into your ideas.

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