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ARIES: A window for peace may be open now. Make any amends you need to and accept any olive branches that are offered. Welcome commitments and promises. A change to your finances may seem disruptive but turn out good for you.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Explore alternative ways of handling stressful situations. By making an experimental business decision, you may unlock a door to exciting new people or experiences. Learn from someone helpful.

GEMINI: Step out of the ring. Read the room and don’t be too aggressive when you should be gentle and sensitive to other people’s feelings. Catch up on your sleep so that you can enjoy the weekend with friends.

CANCER: Use your intuition and imagination to better understand what has been going on behind the scenes. Lend a sympathetic ear or shoulder to a loved one or partner who has exhausted their emotional resources.

LEO: Stick to doing what you do best and keep your promises. Put emotional issues to the side and focus on relaxing with friends and family. Your home may become the center of social activity and filled with fun.

VIRGO: Raise the stakes or change your position to get ahead. Rather than just reacting to other people, be proactive and take decisive steps in the right direction. Spending happy hour with coworkers can lead to firmer friendships.

LIBRA: When you push all the right buttons, you can win the prize. Someone in your immediate vicinity might prove their loyalty in surprising ways. Avoid a temptation to flaunt your freedom or be deliberately provocative.

SCORPIO: It may be the right time to make a serious commitment to a cause, a person, or to a new project. A budding office romance or friendship could blossom under these stars. Treat a partner like your very best friend.

SAGITTARIUS: Benevolent actions and good humor can bring benefits. A joke could actually give you insights into human behavior that might be worthwhile topics for reflection. Keep your ears open for original ideas and helpful changes.

CAPRICORN: You may finally have the breathing space to achieve the proper balance between work and play. Making too many changes too quickly may panic someone who is timid or more conventional.

AQUARIUS: Leave the briefcase at the office. Discussing business and financial affairs could bring dark clouds over a social activity. This could be a better time to enjoy friendships together and to widen your social network.

PISCES: Your assessment of a situation may be right on target. However, even if you are right, it could be wiser to keep your opinion to yourself. Don’t stir up opposition by making any type of impulsive changes today.

IF NOV. 4 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You can take a bucket-list vacay or enjoy a hot fling while your romantic side is at a high point during the next three to four weeks. In December, there could be some distracting conflicts within the family unit. Do your best to de-escalate and promote peace and resolution. New friends and group activities might open some doors, or someone may encourage you to try bigger and better things. It is probably best to wait until after the New Year to set things into motion. In early January, for instance, your business skills are enhanced and can be used to upgrade your finances, business or career. In late February you could be luckier than usual so that is a fabulous time to launch major plans, start something new, or to embrace any opportunities that pop up. A vision of possibilities can become a reality if you focus on being optimistic.

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