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ARIES: Work to get the best value for every expenditure. Shopping expeditions might only be a success if you locate a bargain basement treasure. You can get much accomplished by being organized and resourceful.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Leave with the person you came with. Someone close might feel threatened when other people are attracted by your sparkle, although you are merely being friendly. You may feel tied down by duty and obligation.

GEMINI: You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, so don’t let any kind of chip grow on your shoulder. You may feel totally hot to trot when companions want to take their time. Do your best to clarify your thinking.

CANCER: Some things are as good as advertised. Nevertheless, you would be smart to check out the facts before you sign on the dotted line or spend your money. Now is the time to put money away for a rainy day.

LEO: Even if you happen to be in Las Vegas, what happens this weekend isn’t likely to stay quiet. Remain discreet and avoid becoming involved in romantic tangles or dramas that could jeopardize your happiness or peace of mind.

VIRGO: The universe operates on exchanges of energy, so any desire to take advantage of a situation usually goes unsupported. Don’t let someone’s impulsive decisions disrupt your game plan. Discuss your feelings before a misunderstanding erupts.

LIBRA: You may feel a need to express your feelings or ask for feedback if a loved one seems to give you the cold shoulder. Or you may calmly wait for more intel. Share a love of adventure with friends by taking a road trip.

SCORPIO: There are many paths to choose from, but this is not the best day to make a choice. Before you can start something new you must be sure to fulfil your existing commitments. Act only with honorable intentions.

SAGITTARIUS: You might be looking on the bright side and overlook yellow or red flags. A loved one or family member might be hiding their anger about something. Let them – avoid misunderstandings and confrontations today.

CAPRICORN: Perseverance and judgment can lead you safely past the sketchy spots. Avoid taking on any new commitments or obligations. The people you depend upon the most for advice could reverse their positions.

AQUARIUS: It is wise to be wary now; read all labels and fine print. Be cautious about spending or making a contribution as you might not have a clear picture of where your money is really going or who may benefit.

PISCES: Your sympathy may be misplaced. Adhere to the rules of etiquette when you meet someone new and maintain a respectful distance. Do not make crucial decisions now because the results could be disappointing.

IF NOV. 5 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may feel that you have been singled out for special appreciation, so your happy heart could be filled with romance as the next three to four weeks unfold. You might want to take a vacation or head off on a weekend retreat with a romantic partner. Mind your social etiquette and keep up with all obligations during the first half of December when you could leave yourself open to criticism by neglecting your duties. A circle of friends and holiday social activities, however, can make your extra efforts less painful. You will probably be at your very best when dealing with business matters and applying financial tactics in the first half of January. Late January and early February is an excellent time to interview for a new job or to ask for a romantic commitment because all your talents should be enhanced. People can trust you to keep your word, so your dreams, as well as theirs, may come true. Late January or early March is a good time to launch crucial plans or to make significant changes and decisions because your judgment is excellent.

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