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ARIES: Slow down, remain upbeat, and take it easy. Let your words flow gently, TMI or too-fast talk might confuse an issue and be counterproductive. This is a poor time to make major purchases or make changes to your investments.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You might find it difficult to sort the innocent from the guilty. Someone could be controlling and demanding but despite tensions you sense their affection and commitment. Avoid launching plans or new initiatives.

GEMINI: Be realistic and don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Turn your enthusiasm down a notch so you do not overwhelm bystanders. This is not a good time to make decisions or dream up schemes.

CANCER: The race might be won by the swift, but in your case, it could be perseverance that gives you the edge. When everyone else is over it and ready to quit, you likely are willing to dig in and keep on keepin’ on.

LEO: You might be challenged to deal with the good, the bad, or the ugly truth. Hold off on negotiations or making a promise since it could involve undisclosed responsibilities. It may be difficult to achieve a compromise.

VIRGO: Your hard work is appreciated. Loved ones whose good opinion you trust the most might be more understanding than ever. A partner may be irritable occasionally but so is everyone; don’t take it personally.

LIBRA: Lock up the credit card and hide the key. Your good taste is obvious, but this is a poor time to add to your debt load. It may be tempting to spend money you have been saving for your security to satisfy a short-term urge.

SCORPIO: Enduring love can conquer passing hardships. Don’t let a disagreement or downturn in your family harmony cause long-term resentment. Even if criticism seems unfair, you could still learn something important.

SAGITTARIUS: Most things worth doing can entail some risk. People are counting on you — don’t neglect important duties or risk criticism at this time. Keep a low profile, tread carefully and wait to present new ideas.

CAPRICORN: Achieving your big ambitions might mean taking on bigger responsibilities. You may be surprised by the burden of an unexpected financial obligation. Be sure to pay bills on time and honor your commitments.

AQUARIUS: You might think you are just being efficient. Someone else may think that your attitude reflects a disregard for their feelings. Do not let a chilly response from a loved one or boss spark an unnecessary argument.

PISCES: Playing the victim won’t make problems go away. Keep your issues mostly to yourself while you process them completely. Learning from your part of a situation allows you to take a real step into your power.

IF NOV. 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: A new outlook and supportive friends will make the next week or two exciting since you could look at your life with fresh eyes. Once key changes are behind you, it is possible to relax and explore new opportunities. You may be able to live out some of your dreams in December by taking a vacation or enjoying holiday activities. You could receive ample opportunities to run at the head of the pack in January when you can shine in group gatherings. Use your influence wisely. Your ambitions are stirred, too, and your skillful business and financial maneuverings can fatten your bank account near the end of the month. You may receive the answer to your prayers in March, a helpful new insight, or a chance to receive an important favor from a benevolent supporter. Pay attention to any advice you receive, and embrace offers that appear then as they may lead to bigger and better things.

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