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ARIES: Be flexible and go with the flow – that should lead you in a good direction today. You can be wherever you need to be when you are needed. Your hard work and persistence should pay off in both money and satisfaction.اضافة اعلان

Put your favorite toys away until it is time to play. You may feel pressured to perform at top speed on a project or on the job. A companion might be flirtatious or prefer to socialize when there is work to do.

GEMINI: You are likely more outgoing than usual. By participating in group gatherings, you may make some interesting discoveries. A situation that initially confuses you may require some extra thoughtfulness on your part.

CANCER: A loved one or partner may show you why “anything worth doing is worth doing well.” You should be able to appreciate someone else’s passion for persistence and gather some of their momentum for yourself.

LEO: You may want to indulge in wishful thinking, believe a tall tale and never suspect there is something up someone’s sleeve. Call someone’s bluff and see which card the other person plays before you play your own.

VIRGO: Enjoy the civilizing effect of logical sequences. If one thing is true, then something else most likely must follow. This is not the time to be an outlier from the pack. The more you learn, the better the results.

LIBRA: You might be persuaded to put a spin on the facts to make a task or job seem more worthwhile and appealing. Assess the amount of hard, cruel facts someone is ready to hear, then handle them kindly with a trustworthy and deft hand.

SCORPIO: If your schedule is open, you may want to get out and mingle. This may be a good time to overcome your sense of reserve and call a prospective romantic partner; you might seem more attractive now.

SAGITTARIUS: To fit in you need to say what others want to hear. Voice your opinions in a thoughtful manner that is considerate to others in a group setting. You might read too much into someone’s casual comments.

CAPRICORN: Set a good example. You might be aware that hard work and determination is needed to reach the top of the mountain. Climbing a mountain may just be how you roll; others could see you as fearless and brave.

AQUARIUS: Working closely with others or in a team should save time and effort. Your most challenging issue may be handling situations where someone prefers to chill out rather than concentrate on getting a job finished.

PISCES: Stay perched firmly on the fence. You can counteract misinformation and vague concerns by using your head and the facts at hand. Put off important business negotiations or discussions until next week.

IF NOV. 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may yearn for glamour, romance, and excitement during the upcoming one to two weeks. This can be a great time for a vacation or to gather ideas and inspiration for a major new project. Lower your expectations and commit to just surviving and maintaining your position in late November and early December when you may be struggling with some heavy emotional issues. Get whatever support you need. If you are business minded, you can capitalize on savvy strategies and successfully put your most ambitious financial plans into action at the end of December. In January, your ambition could be at a peak, but you may be required to shoulder extra duties and might not have time for fun. You should be at the peak of your wisdom and benefit from the good will of others in February, making that an excellent time to formulate long range plans or launch them. Embrace any opportunities or offers that arrive while you are in this optimistic time.

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