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ARIES: Once you have taken the lead, don’t wait for the pack to catch up. Keep up a brisk pace and maintain your rhythm. A misunderstanding can be overcome if you look for clues and get more information.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Adapt to changing circumstances if you hope to overcome obstacles. Plans may not unfold the way you expected. Do what you can to fulfill obligations promptly so they are off your mind and desk.

GEMINI: Ignore the grumbles in the background. Do your best to take care of important responsibilities even if conditions change without notice. Focus on gathering information to make informed decisions about finances.

CANCER: If someone close seems willing to take whatever you dish out, make sure you are serving kindness, empathy and understanding. Loved ones may welcome your requests with open arms — don’t be afraid to ask for help

LEO: Yesterday’s misunderstanding can be forgotten during a moment of forgiveness — a partner or loved one will probably not hold a grudge over something inconsequential. Flattery is fun, but self-validation is forever.

VIRGO: Discover new avenues of profit to achieve long term security. You can maintain your strength in any negotiation if you keep a cool head and adjust your strategies accordingly. You may choose to rethink an investment plan.

LIBRA: Never expect something for nothing; someone may grant a favor but may want it repaid later. This is fine, energies need to stay in balance. Use caution if trying to rescue a person — rescue only works with animals.

SCORPIO: Back to the drawing board. There is likely too much going on right now for you to present your latest idea without interruptions from outside sources. Build inner peace by spending quiet time on self-work.

SAGITTARIUS: The road less traveled might be exciting to anticipate but may not have anything of value to offer. Use experience and some quick thinking to tackle a problem head-on and you should get excellent results.

CAPRICORN: A recipe for a well-rounded life might be one part business and one part pleasure. Determination and willpower may be all that is needed to get a business project up and running. Use your sweetness to fire up romance.

AQUARIUS: Someone may not recognize your attempts to achieve a compromise. The golden gates could be open to receive a small windfall. Wait a few more days, however, before you make a major purchase.

PISCES: A little genuine kindness goes a long way. Offering a thoughtful indulgence may comfort a loved one and help them to feel better. Reserve business matters for working hours and focus on family and friends during free time.

IF JAN. 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: If you get out there and pay close attention during the next five to six weeks, you may win some new friends while avoiding being taken in by outward appearances. A desire for romantic experiences is at a high point, but you may deceive yourself into thinking a passing interest is worthwhile. In March, you can rest on your laurels or take advantage of a potentially beneficial opportunity to improve your situation. The first half of April is an auspicious time for a vacation or romantic outing. The inspirational ideas you have can become the vision of a better future, so take note when your imagination speaks to you. In May, your leadership abilities are magnified, and you are more likely to make successful changes and receive admiration. Reach your goals thanks to the help and good advice of others who are impressed with your abilities.

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