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ARIES: You don’t need a divining rod to discover the someone’s hidden feelings. Your own past trustworthiness may give you a better chance that other people will be forthright and honest about their own intentions toward you.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Join forces to achieve your goals; you and a loved one, pal, or partner work well together. Although the weekend is around the corner you may still have serious ideas to discuss and purposeful activities scheduled.

GEMINI: You can be happier as a duo rather than going it alone. Even washing dishes can be fun when you’re sharing jokes and laughter. If you want to feel more peaceful, burn off excess energies with some sports or try to hit the gym.

CANCER: Relationship challenges or issues with loved ones could be illuminated now, but it takes two to tango. Even if you may do many jobs separately, You’ll need to work together to keep the relationship in a happy balance.

LEO: You can employ a talent for teamwork to make things run more smoothly. Keep in touch with someone who possesses highly honed ambitions and some of their knowledge and business skills can rub off on you.

VIRGO: Return a favor or grant someone their wish, and you can benefit from someone’s good will when it’s your turn. When other people support your efforts, you may feel that you are at the top of your game, especially in the business world.

LIBRA: A new acquaintance might help you fulfill your financial dreams by giving you a worthwhile tip. You may be in the mood for romance, exercise or entertainment, but more practical activities could be scheduled.

SCORPIO: Enjoy it, but don’t expect much from a passing flirtation or romantic invitation. It would be more productive now to focus on ways to improve your performance at work; you can formulate excellent tactics for the future.

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid cabin fever and pick an outside, entertaining activity that you can enjoy with your favorite playmate. Romance could be in the stars for those who want to escape the ordinary as this weekend begins.

CAPRICORN: New and fun stuff may be on the horizon; more than one useful or exciting idea may cross your mind, or there may be a new hobby to play with or someone special to think about. Be wise where your money is concerned.

AQUARIUS: You might find some fun moments while working side by side with others. Your personality can blossom when you are in a relaxed and trusted environment. Keep in mind your most important lessons learned.

PISCES: If you feel completely in the dark about an issue, patiently research the facts you should be able to uncover the truth. Focus on keeping your bank account filled and try to put aside some extra money for your future.

IF JAN. 6 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the next five to six weeks, your confidence, enthusiasm, and wishful thinking could be somewhat exaggerated, but this may actually give you the push to make key changes in early March. March could be a key month when you may have the opportunity to put important and powerful plans into motion and have the determination to see them through to the end. There could be some rocky relationship spots or misunderstandings in later March, but a healthy relationship can not only survive, but thrive, with a few adjustments. Enjoy a vacation or even just a getaway in early April when your capacity for enjoyment and romantic dreams is at a high point. Your drive and determination to achieve financial security is peaking again in May so work hard, but do not make new investments or implement business changes because your business sense could be just wrong at that time.

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