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ARIES: Minor conflicts between your neighbors, siblings or others should soon quiet down. Go along with the crowd for now even if this means you can’t get exactly what you want. Instant gratification may not be in the stars tonight.اضافة اعلان

Remain in touch with your inner rhythms. Consider paying your own way to show that you are independent and self-sufficient. Find a balance between sticking to the rules and showing kindness and sympathy.

GEMINI: It is best to err on the side of caution. To prove your merit, remain calm, cool and collected despite any provocation. Demonstrate your willingness to remain centered and appropriate when you are in a crowd.

CANCER: Don’t jump to conclusions. Busy people may resent interference to their schedules but may be ready for hanging out and having fun once the workday is done. You can be a genius when you are inspired by original thinking.

LEO: Pay attention to the subtle warning signals of emotional turmoil. You can help to offset someone’s blues with some timely reminders and fun-filled activities. Give a partner adequate notice of changes to plans.

VIRGO: Conversations should be uplifting and enlightening. Sidestep arguments or misunderstandings. Be businesslike when necessary but give an extra inch or two when someone needs to receive some sympathy.

LIBRA: Your home, friendship circle or a special group may be the center of affection. Holiday gifts and plans could be a center of conversation. Give within your budget rather than sacrificing too much for momentary validation.

SCORPIO: Just being rational and logical may not solve all the problems. Avoid conversations that focus on divisive topics such as politics and religion. Pump up excitement by decorating for upcoming holiday festivities.

SAGITTARIUS: The call of holiday fun and entertainment grows louder as the weekend approaches. Be diligent now to make time for play over the weekend. Squeeze in some overtime to put the finishing touches on a unique gift.

CAPRICORN: The energy of love and laughter should fill the air. Unfortunately, pressing business matters must be attended to before you can play without consequences. Spend quality time with loved ones or special friends.

AQUARIUS: If your schedule is honed to perfection and addresses all your duties, you should have plenty of time to rock ‘n' roll this weekend. Set boundaries but be forgiving toward those who forget their manners or otherwise trespass.

PISCES: Touch base with friends and enjoy a social high point this evening. Let yourself command attention or blend in to the wallpaper as feels right. Leave it alone if you are challenged to react to a family feud.

IF DEC. 16 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the upcoming two to four weeks, you can receive the most credit and recognition for setting a good example. Avoid being distracted by romantic daydreams or wishful thinking since that could ruin your prospects for the time. You may feel welcomed into group activities in January, but do not become enamored with cutting corners or taking the easy way out; those choices are never sustainable. You could waste time or just feel bad in February when your resistance to negativity is low. A vacation or romantic interlude in late February might help you recharge your batteries. Make sound decisions and formulate plans in late April when the goddess of luck smiles on your endeavors and when your wisdom is heightened, and you may be given a chance to reap some of the benefits you deserve for all your hard work.

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