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ARIES: Upgrade your attitude to show off your aptitude for quick thinking. You may enjoy getting out in public whether you are shopping or attending holiday events. Freely show off your generous instincts.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: All work and no play should pay off eventually. There may be ample time for socializing over the weekend, so it is a good idea to spend your time and energy toward attaining your material goals today. Wait to buy gifts.

GEMINI: Let a competitive situation bring out your best. Differences of opinion can put a relationship into a tailspin if no one is willing to compromise. Hold off on starting a new project or making a commitment.

CANCER: Being sincere and sympathetic can help you to succeed. Someone close might be wearing blinders and only see their destination, but you may have a wider viewpoint. Affectionate moments might brighten your day.

LEO: Energies always need to balance out but being generous makes people happy and an abundance mindset can actually attract prosperity. A partner or loved one might have fewer resources and need you to show up as promised.

VIRGO: Fly high on a bubble of enthusiasm for bright ideas and you could get a profitable advantage. However, don’t neglect day-to-day mundane tasks. Make a donation to a good cause and see how you can make a real difference

LIBRA: Tackle DIY projects that require attention to detail and a certain level of physical effort. It may be easier to accomplish your goals by working from home than to gain cooperation in a more formal working environment.

SCORPIO: You do not need to wait for the new year to make a promise to yourself. Make a resolution to improve your life and let your subconscious put in some of the work. Put your ideas into motion and enjoy positive results.

SAGITTARIUS: A certain amount of confusion may ensue If you are enthusiastic but your opposite number is reserved. Avoid misunderstandings or a bewildering situation by taking your time to explain your viewpoint.

CAPRICORN: Consider flirting back if you are single. A holiday event or other get-together might give you an opportunity to get closer to someone. While you are in the mood to socialize, you can enjoy a group outing.

AQUARIUS: Take time to put yourself together carefully and you are likely to get attention and praise. Hold off on gift purchases because you may be tempted to spend money unwisely on items of uncertain value or quality.

PISCES: Tensions could cause a riptide that can drag you out to sea. Steer clear of controversies and misunderstandings. You may be tempted to make an unnecessary sacrifice for a hardworking family member.

IF DEC. 15 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be influenced by wishful thinking, and your dreams may elude your grasp as the next two to three weeks go by. You could still possess some competitive edge, however, if you remain forthright and aboveboard. You may find it difficult to access any joy and happiness in January when your energies are lowered, and you could suffer from indecisiveness, too. Although achieving material success could loom large on your to do list in February, it may be better to take a vacation or escape on a retreat late in the month where you can work on a vision of what you want to do with your life. Obtain professional advice during the first half of April when you can benefit from expert guidance or from offers and opportunities. Start something new, or put key plans into motion, as the future looks rosy for anything you begin.

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