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ARIES: Don’t think you need to overdo so you aren’t outdone — get better at validating yourself as you are and don’t take unnecessary risks. Focus on your job, work and career, where you can show off your perceptiveness and business acumen.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Too many changes may make you feel unsettled; family situations could require making adjustments that may seem time consuming and difficult. Remain anchored to a project that you and someone else find inspiring.

GEMINI: Remain flexible when the mood shifts. Your quick mind can find ways to turn every bit of information to your advantage. Work toward a final decision about an important financial plan that will color your future.

CANCER: Let your imagination run free. Allow your creative juices to flow and there may be no limits as to the masterpieces you can create. Sharing your innermost thoughts with a friend or loved one could result in stimulating conversations.

LEO: Some key issues may be under heavy scrutiny and a problem could come full circle. You might conclude that an important change has already occurred but escaped your notice. You could feel your authority being challenged.

VIRGO: Your intuition and compassion are enhanced. Use them to determine the best way to handle an old, unresolved issue. It should be a good time to make sincere amends, or to express your romantic nature and creativity.

LIBRA: What you want may seem beyond your reach. Escape from family pressures by enjoying a cheerful lunch with a friend or some window shopping. Resolve to dig deeper into repair estimates or tall tales.

SCORPIO: Use your boundaries to uphold sincerity and consideration in your relationships – push the revolving door and just bypass people who aren’t as nice as they seem. Use your best judgment and try to be as fair as possible.

SAGITTARIUS: Vision your important conversations and critical moves before you act — it’s an anticipatory practice that can lead to better results. Keep your money safely stored in your bank account right now.

CAPRICORN: Being who you are is the best way to attract people — don’t go to extremes to impress someone. Keep your guard up when something seems too good to be true. Remember loyal partners even when a busy schedule demands your attention.

AQUARIUS: Sometimes even your most ingenious methods might not be appreciated. Unpredictability could seem exasperating but can also mean that there will be fewer dull moments during social activities.

PISCES: You might value dependability and lasting devotion above all other things, and someone may prove his or her true dedication today. A loved one who offers advice may have your best interests at heart.

IF JAN. 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your imagination can find inspiration in the most mundane things during the next six to eight weeks, but you might be more susceptible to scams and get-rich-quick schemes, too. In March, your people skills will receive plenty of exercise as you are more likely to spend time in group gatherings and social activities. If you can set it up, a vacation or weekend adventure could do your heart good in April. Jot down your ideas — great new inspo could point you in a helpful direction. Your heart and mind are undergoing a romantic phase, so this is a good time to grow closer to loved ones and enjoy enhanced optimism. Late June is an excellent time to put major changes into action or to begin a new phase in your career or personal life.

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