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ARIES: Actions speak louder than words. Just being there for moral support may be all that is required. Be generous and encouraging toward the people you value whether they are friends, family members or co-workers.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Don’t let someone rain on your parade. A family member may be tired out or unable to match your resourcefulness. Try to match your expectations to what is realistic now and you can improve a relationship.

GEMINI: Reevaluate your value system considering a set of new priorities. Look at a savings account as a source of security rather than as money waiting to be spent. A phone call could help make a passing desire a reality.

CANCER: It makes more sense to lean on logic than on wishful thinking. Someone close who is usually reliable and trustworthy might be carried away by a get-rich scheme. A good friend can bail you out of an awkward situation.

LEO: You may be surprised to learn that someone is more trustworthy than you thought. You could feel guilty for doubting that person and go overboard with compliments or gifts. Use good sense about investments and purchases.

VIRGO: Follow your head, and your heart will not be far behind. You may have a desire to accomplish something worthwhile, and your policy is to only move forward if you can be fair and equitable to everyone involved.

LIBRA: Do what you can to fortify key associations. When you pay attention to nurturing fluctuating business relationships, you can retain valuable alliances and this can help you anticipate anything that might go wrong.

SCORPIO: Give in when change is inevitable, the sage says, “let go, or be dragged.” Find something worthwhile to occupy your mind and seek out a fresh perspective. Steer clear of those with negative attitudes or general bad vibes.

SAGITTARIUS: Your personal attractiveness is on the upswing, so you can make a good impression in public. Before you make a major expenditure, talk over plans with a friend or loved one who can help keep you grounded.

CAPRICORN: Avoid being trapped by tunnel vision. You may be so focused on pursuing a personal fantasy that you might miss out on something more important. Put a new project aside until you are sure it is worthwhile.

AQUARIUS: The apprentice eventually becomes the master. All your hard work and determination can pay off but first you must pay your dues. Self-discipline and patience may be needed to handle difficult people.

PISCES: Any doubts may simply be the darkness before the dawn. If you experience a creative block or feel like your hopes are destroyed, take a step back. It is likely only a temporary situation; don’t make irrevocable decisions.

IF JAN. 11 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might rely on facts and logic, but as the next six to seven weeks unfold, you could be dissatisfied with what you have already achieved and your regular daily life. If you are too preoccupied by fantasies, you might misread or ignore the fine print, especially in late February. You may even convince yourself that a passing infatuation is worth your time when it isn’t. In March, you might prefer the safety of numbers and spending more time in group gatherings and with friends. Relax and enjoy less pressure and a more positive outlook in late March and early April when you may take risks but are likely to feel less competitive and more cooperative. The first half of April is ideal for a romantic interlude, or an inspiring vacation when you can gather ideas and create a firm vision of how you would like things to be. The first half of June is the best time to make crucial changes to your lifestyle that can impact your happiness.

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