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ARIES: Your passions might be more powerful when kept private. Maintain an air of mystery rather than making your dreams and desires public yet. You can find a cheerful ally who will help you make a safe choice.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Loosen up the formalities by creating a lighthearted and relaxed mood. Someone may be unable to resist your interesting ideas but may adopt a wait-and-see attitude before committing to becoming your friend.

GEMINI: Offer assistance to a person who has difficulty grasping concepts at which you excel. Someone who is just a friend may want to grow closer if you let them. You might develop a different perspective on your possessions.

CANCER: Put your mind to work when you run into a problem. Weigh your decisions carefully rather than trusting to luck. Enlist support from sympathetic family members and allies who share your core values.

LEO: You can attract someone to you, but they may or may not prove worthy in the long run. Use your powers of understanding to calm a controversy and discuss problems. A loved one may want your undivided attention this evening.

VIRGO: Remain soothing if you need to smooth ruffled feathers. Avoid engaging in a power struggle with a partner over a money issue. Make useful connections with kindred souls who are not reduced by bias or prejudice.

LIBRA: You might be in demand for a command performance, but if a social event seems too stiff or formal, you may not enjoy it as much. If your social plans are up in the air, try to be prepared for every possibility.

SCORPIO: Play at being a kid again and allow yourself to be lighthearted and optimistic about serious matters for now and make up your mind later. Your weekend activities can bring lasting and enduring, pleasure.

SAGITTARIUS: Sheer optimism may push you to make progress. Someone might urge you to explore further and escape from boundaries. Don’t spin the wheel of fortune when you are dealing with investments or major purchases.

CAPRICORN: Don’t let yourself become so overwhelmed by fantasies and obsessions with power and career success that it dominates your life. A partner or loved one could remind you of spiritual bonds and values.

AQUARIUS: You may be backed into a corner by a family member. No matter what decision you make, someone may not like it. Go ahead and experiment with trusted family friends but remain more cautious with new acquaintances.

PISCES: Share and share alike is something you understand. Rather than trying to get your hands on the lion’s share of the proceeds or the profits, you are inclined to be more charitable and generous, and this always creates better outcomes.

IF JAN. 14 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may find that you are extremely sensible and down to earth as the next two to three weeks unfold. In February, you could easily get sidetracked by a somewhat dubious opportunity or a romantic fantasy that could complicate your life. March could bring busy socializing that may distract you from what is profoundly important in another sector of your life. In April, you can experience a surge of romantic activity and could enjoy a vacation that lives up to your expectations. Your street smarts and business savvy are in top shape in late April and May, making this a good time to make key financial and business decisions. Make progress on the career front while conditions are favorable. It is possible that June and July will be less favorable for material gain, and you could be easily fooled by surface appearances in late July.

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