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ARIES: Sports can teach fair play and teamwork and can both strengthen and stretch the mind as well as the body. Tackle your job or business plans with the same enthusiasm and you should discover a real competitive edge.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Flex some neglected conversational muscles. A new acquaintance might have friendly intentions so remain sensitive to the nuances of a discussion. Learning something new can be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

GEMINI: Everything should fall in place quickly when you are on the right track. Move forward with key projects, knowing that any issues should eventually fall by the wayside. If you can take action to protect yourself, do. Otherwise, let concerns go.

CANCER: Gain synergy by pairing up and learning from someone powerful. Make friends with people who are passionate about success and let their dedication inspire you. Pull a key relationship out of a rut.

LEO: Focus on fixing what can be fixed and accepting what is beyond repair. Avoid being bogged down by past mistakes. Someone who attempts to gain your support and sympathy may be harboring ulterior motives.

VIRGO: Enjoy being at the head of the class. You can command attention and lead others to success by setting a good example. Steer clear of impulsive changes or random influences if others attempt to sway your views.

LIBRA: Recognize your limitations but do not be defined by them. You are never too old to learn new tricks. Earn some respect by ignoring your own occasional whims and acting on good advice and directions from others.

SCORPIO: A partner or loved one can inspire you to perform better. Listen to other people’s opinions or educate yourself on a subject before making decisions. Give loved ones plenty of space to be innovative and creative.

SAGITTARIUS: Be proud, yet humble. You can give yourself plenty of pats on the back for your successes and still acknowledge the need for improvements in other areas. Maintain a beginner’s mind: know there’s always room to grow.

CAPRICORN: You may be led toward the right resolution. If you have a lack of cash flow, then this is not a good time to lend money. An endless passion for success can make you a relentless adversary as well as a loyal partner.

AQUARIUS: Manage your thoughts. Make a list, take notes or organize diverse content into an outline to help you master new material. Run your home like a business enterprise and incorporate the latest ingenious upgrades.

PISCES: Keep your opinions on a leash. Impetuously speaking your mind on some issues might trigger a comeuppance. Sentimental conversations about the past may needlessly complicate the present state of affairs.

IF JAN. 19 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your desire for material success may become a driving force as the next four to five weeks unfold. Once you put your plans into motion, you may want to burn the candle at both ends to see them through to completion. Believing what you want to believe, rather than facing facts, could overcome your common sense in late February and early March.. Your performance may be held up to scrutiny in late March when your ability to handle responsibility could be tested, and you may also be more ambitious than usual at this time. Your ability to develop sound strategies is enhanced but this is not a good time to launch plans or make key changes. You may enjoy romantic outings in late April when your creativity is heightened. In early May, you might only receive the help and favors you really need but you can relax and rest on your laurels, too.

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