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ARIES: Someone may come to you for expert advice. Be generous with your time and expertise but don’t volunteer to take on new obligations. An open and friendly manner can make it easy to arrive at a compromise.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Someone’s criticism may leave you feeling emotionally vulnerable at first. Unpack the situation in your mind to learn a needed lesson instead of shaming yourself. Exercise caution when there is a family feud.

GEMINI: You are likely willing to do the extra work to achieve immediate gratification of your desires. However, keep your money in your pocket because you might not be realistic about the value of a fascinating new purchase.

CANCER: Restrain your impulses — this is the wrong time to charge forward blindly. You might look away from opportunities that don’t feel quite right. Avoid friction by being more thoughtful and considerate of others.

LEO: Try not to let yourself become irritated by someone who seems to expect you to jump to obey their every whim or directive. You will be in a better position to share the wealth if you are cooperative and prove you are a team player.

VIRGO: Turn a foe into a friend. Use your astute observations to find common ground that can bring you and another person closer. Use your people skills to sidestep arguments even if others seem especially disagreeable.

LIBRA: Roll up your shirtsleeves and dive right into the job. Switch your practical know-how on high for the best success. Some people may be impressed by your output even if they do not understand all your methods.

SCORPIO: Give your imagination free rein even if you are tied to a desk. You may want to wallow in creature comforts when everyone else is working their fingers to the bone. However, you can still put together a powerful presentation.

SAGITTARIUS: Focus on being creative and working as a team player. You could be tempted to take drastic measures to ensure financial stability. Sidestep new purchases and avoid signing agreements or financial contracts.

CAPRICORN: Keep turning the wheels and be persistent about reaching your objectives. You can be most effective if you remain open to original ideas. Rather than throwing your weight around, discuss win-win alternatives.

AQUARIUS: This isn’t the time to wheel and deal or challenge someone in a close relationship. Maintain your momentum with an existing project, honor your obligations and remain focused on facing up to reality.

PISCES: Place the emphasis on spiritual rather than material values when dealing with loved ones and business associates. Don’t hesitate to offer your advice or assistance but be careful not to take sides in a dispute.

IF JAN. 18 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the next five to six weeks, you should avoid making crucial decisions or changes since this is a time to focus on current obligations. Maintain a low profile and give no one a reason to criticize your performance. You may yearn to escape reality in the second half of February, but if you are unrealistic, you could become entangled in activities that are wasteful of time or money. Your social life might be invigorated in March when you could be invited to numerous group activities. Late March is a good time to put successful financial strategies into motion and to make a profit in any business setting. Late April is a perfect time for a romantic getaway or inspiring vacation. You can relax or embrace passing opportunities and the results will be fortunate or in some way in your best interest. The first half of June is a time when your judgment is enhanced again so you can easily make smart assessments of financial situations and people.

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