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ARIES: Even if it may be a slow week, combine self-discipline and a strong work ethic to get your work completed. You might prefer to relax and enjoy a loved one’s company, but you must pay attention to necessary tasks.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You might be on a mission to get things ready for the end of the year, but it may be difficult to ignore someone who distracts you from your tasks. Find a balance between getting things done and having a life worth living.

GEMINI: Fine-tune the details or put finishing touches on a project. Admit your mistakes and repair your errors. You will find that your worries can dissolve when you become proactive and focus energy on solving problems.

CANCER: Money isn’t everything. You and your partner might be riveted on achieving material security, but strengthening your love might be a greater priority. Working together in harmony can allow a stronger bond to be formed.

LEO: End of the year tax strategies and reports could be on your mind as the week begins. Your optimism is enhanced, and your unflagging stamina keeps you going despite the temptation to skip a few tasks and relax.

VIRGO: Follow up on your promises. If you cannot honor a commitment, then be upfront about your inability to follow through. Some of your friends or social contacts might not get a nod of approval from a partner.

LIBRA: Reserve a fair share of your time and attention for your loved ones. Someone might feel neglected if you get too absorbed in a personal project. It’s especially important to be mindful and observant if you are wrapped up in exciting activities.

SCORPIO: Strengthen bonds of affection and build a loving support network. Friendships could grow closer, or a romantic attachment may reach next-level contentment and offer much laughter and joyful shared experiences.

SAGITTARIUS: Your creative ideas may feel like they’re losing traction, or family gatherings and interactions might test your diplomatic skills and patience. Remain content with what you have earned and collected over years.

CAPRICORN: You’ll burn out if don’t give yourself a break sometimes. Once momentum builds up, it can be difficult to stop forward motion, so continue with a project or your job even if something appears to block your efforts.

AQUARIUS: Get on with your work without stirring the pot. If you remain efficient but low key as you go about your business, all should get done with no issues. Family members may be a real source of comfort now.

PISCES: Appreciate your life and interests. Be gracious when someone sincerely offers you something, even if it doesn’t suit your tastes or personal style. A job might take up a great deal of time, but you can stick it out.

IF DEC. 26 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: When you’re hot, you’re hot, but during the next three to four weeks, you most likely are not, so do not start anything of importance. You may be overly optimistic and gullible, so you could easily be persuaded to take unnecessary risks. Your friends could try to influence your business and financial decisions in February, but if you are not ready, keep your money in your pocket. The first half of March brings romantic urges and inspirational ideas, so try to get away and enjoy a romantic weekend escapade or a fun adventure. You may enjoy being part of a new social circle in April when your genuine interest in other people puts you in the spotlight. Late May and early June is an ideal time to set plans into motion because you will be wiser than usual and have the support of helpful allies. Consider embracing any opportunities for advancement that arrive — they’re likely to enrich your future.    

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