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ARIES: Romance could be on your mind, but a project or past obligations may dominate your daytime hours. You may receive praise or extra recognition for a job well done, so your best efforts could be nicely rewarded.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may work hard but a few minutes of friendly banter makes time fly. A friend might be sensitive to feeling slighted, so be sure to include everyone in your conversations. Let your imagination loose and share something inspiring.

GEMINI: Be honest and forthright but avoid being aggressive. You may be accused of being too pushy if you attempt to get your foot in a door to make a new contact or sale. Few obstacles are too tough for a sharp and disciplined mind.

CANCER: Give yourself some credit. Partners or close companions may set an intense pace, but you can keep up. Romantic chemistry might bubble up during the day but the need to keep things professional should prevail.

LEO: Pair a deep determination to succeed with a commitment to excellence. You can make people sit up and take notice if you reliably keep your promises. Take pride in your ability to maintain warm social ties.

VIRGO: Everyone has a different skill set — be understanding with those who operate differently. You may be thrown into contact with someone who worries and needs constant reassurance. Be gentle with a loved one’s precious feelings.

LIBRA: Be willing to try something new. You may meet someone who inspires you to do your best. You might think you are ready to make a romantic commitment but could have vague misgivings about a new job.

SCORPIO: Juggle more than one ball at a time. A companion or partner could be especially supportive. A spark of friendly cooperation might permeate the workplace and can make last-minute adjustments less challenging.

SAGITTARIUS: Be yourself. When you are deeply authentic, you’re viewed as more trustworthy. If you hope to sell or promote something, instead of logically presenting the features, find a way to make it seem like fun.

CAPRICORN: Someone influential may observe how you handle a situation and give you credit. You could be seen as your best when you prove you have “staying power” and use the most practical solutions to achieve your goals.

AQUARIUS: A subtle shift of focus can be like a breath of fresh air. You may feel less burdened by duties and free to meet someone new. You might enjoy a short trip to a local entertainment hot spot this weekend.

PISCES: Nobody is perfect. However, it could be the flaws and imperfections that make something unique, so it stands out in your mind. Put your doubts to one side and focus on someone’s proven loyalty and affection.

IF DEC. 2 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You may be busy making money any way you can during the next three to four weeks, while everyone else is busy enjoying the holidays. Though it may allow you to meet certain goals, this attitude can take its toll on close relationships and set up disagreements with loved ones. You might be more competitive than usual in January but by the end of the month, your softer romantic side can emerge, and you may escape into happy thoughts and happy times. Take notes, because by mid-February an opportunity to make your fantasies a reality could appear. Rewards and recognition may shower down on you and your judgment is enhanced, making that is the best time for crucial decisions and to set important plans in motion. Late April and early May is an excellent time to combine your vision and imagination into a practical and profitable business or financial plan.

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