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ARIES: Put every ounce of extra energy to good use. Clean out something or tackle a special project with enthusiasm. Get help by working side by side with other people, and the time spent can also serve as a fun social event.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may have an urge to splurge. Money won’t burn a hole in your pocket if you put it safely away in your bank account. Better for you and a loved one to spend time together enjoying a sport or other activity.

GEMINI: Close your eyes and enjoy some waking dreams. Visualize desirable outcomes and achievements and let your subconscious get on board in creating the future. Imagine your inner feelings when you accomplish your objectives.

CANCER: Be persistent in the pursuit of your dreams. And, if you use your imagination, you can enjoy a great deal of fun and entertainment on the way. Share your bounty of interesting ideas with your partner or loved ones.

LEO: Strong boundaries give you the choice whether to let your surroundings affect you or not. If you don’t resonate, walk away or change them for the better. A loved one might be engrossed in practical matters or group gatherings.

VIRGO: Don’t underestimate the intelligence of someone who prefers peace and quiet. That person could be intuitive and help you make wise choices. A little bird may whisper some valuable information in your ear.

LIBRA: The course of true love might not run smoothly if finances or business plans become the topic of discussion. You may prefer to have someone by your side who is only interested in pleasing and amusing you tonight.

SCORPIO: Your water sign tends to seek its own level. It is helpful to spend time with sensitive people who share your ideals. Focus on enjoying creative projects with a harmonious and energetic companion.

SAGITTARIUS: Spend time working at home on something that will give you lasting pleasure. The confines of your home and family nest could be your comfort zone. Achieve an understanding with an adversary.

CAPRICORN: Keep confidential information you’ve been entrusted with to yourself. You can support lasting friendships when you are sympathetic to someone’s issues. Remain confident that things will work out well in the end.

AQUARIUS: Everything can operate more efficiently when you de-clutter. Organize your desk, clean out the car, or straighten up your kitchen pantry. When your possessions are neat and arranged logically your mind can reflect this.

PISCES: Find time to be kind and thoughtful, even if some family tensions are disturbing your tranquility. Your best efforts to be sympathetic might still be misunderstood or unappreciated. Inspiring information can lift your spirits.

IF NOV. 12 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: The next three to four weeks could test both your ethics and your confidence. Take good care of any health issues and do not start anything new. You will need to toe the line at the job and may feel unappreciated. A new relationship formed in mid-December might be very romantic but might not be designed for permanent commitment. Enjoy romantic outings or an inspiring vacation. Friends and group activities can color in your social calendar in the first half of January. However, your interest in material success might be growing so you may end up adding your new acquaintances to your professional instead of your personal network. By the first week of February, your business sense and ability to develop practical money-making strategies could be at a peak. Take advantage of your helpful stars and put financial plans and business policies in place while success is most likely.

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