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ARIES: Ease someone’s doubts by actually taking reassuring actions rather than just saying the words. Be conscientious about handling financial responsibilities while you have the means. Avoid adding extra debts now.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS:  As the quote says, Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’ll be right. You may believe you are faced with insurmountable obstacles, but these can be conquered. Wait until late in the week to make your move.

GEMINI: Honor the boundaries of others while you maintain your own. Be mindful and don’t take things personally. You will be more satisfied with the outcome if you keep your temper in hand and act with propriety.

CANCER: Avoid impulsive credit card purchases that could add up and cause a problem when the bills come due. Someone close might be passionate about achieving material ambitions, but you can go further by exercising caution.

LEO: To navigate your way past problems, trim your sails to take advantage of favorable winds. Friends and family may distract you, but you can find a way to maintain momentum. Avoid agreeing to new contractual obligations.

VIRGO: Stay on your toes but be very kind. During a heated debate, someone’s temperature may rise. Do not escalate anything - an argument or even a simple misunderstanding could spiral into some kind of long-standing grudge.

LIBRA: A little self-indulgence could make you feel better if you feel down. Enjoy a slightly guilty pleasure that you can share with friends. You can be generous and forgiving toward loved ones even when they challenge your patience.

SCORPIO: Get going while the going is good. You and your loved ones might be riding high on the wings of romantic harmony. You may need to be more supportive than usual when someone is burdened by weighty problems.

SAGITTARIUS: Steer clear of disagreements even if the dispute would likely be quickly forgiven and forgotten. An argument could have repercussions that you cannot anticipate. Coworkers may not be amused by any antics today.

CAPRICORN: Protect yourself. Put valuables in a safe place and use secure passwords. Making a profit could be difficult so steer clear of new investments and risky ventures. Focus on existing projects but do not embark on anything new.

AQUARIUS: You may feel lost in the crowd. There might be numerous cross currents to deal with when you are in a group setting. Avoid distractions, ignoring responsibilities would be likely to cause some disapproval.

PISCES: What comes around goes around. Your kindness and thoughtfulness may seem unimportant to you but could make someone’s day. Hold off on making major decisions and enjoy familiar faces and places.

IF NOV. 14 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the next six to eight weeks, you could be challenged to handle ambitious projects that require long hours and test your strength and determinations. Put business negotiations on the back burner and avoid making key changes or decisions because they could have unfortunate results. Your ambitions are high, but your judgment might be at a low point, so stick to the straight and narrow. In January, you can relax with friends and enjoy social activities. The first half of February is a good time to apply financial and business tactics since your insight is likely enhanced regarding material matters. In March, your ability to absorb inspiration and dwell on romantic fantasies is likely at a peak. This might mean taking a vacation or spending more time on a creative hobby, but if you are single, it might mean a romantic fling.

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