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ARIES: Your joy in life might be obvious to everyone, but not everyone can root for others. If someone makes you feel overly enthusiastic at the wrong time or place, just let it be about them. Conserve your resources; keep your wallet put away.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Put your romantic notions on the back-burner and let them simmer while giving your busy mind plenty of food for thought. Focus on your career, even though you may need to wait out a brief period of monotony.

GEMINI: Some passing troubles could turn out to be a mere blip on your timeline. Although privately you might be struggling with doubts and fears, other people are likely to think you are doing quite well. Avoid rushing ahead into new ventures.

CANCER: You might think that by spinning the wheel of chance a bit harder, you can win big, but the timing may not be in your favor quite yet. Keep things in perspective; a forgiving attitude or a quick apology May be enough.

LEO: Your job or a special interest could capture your imagination, and your passion may be so intense you might find any and every small unplanned change irritating. You may run into an old flame or old friend.

VIRGO: If you keep your attitude positive and your attention trained on getting the job done, you won’t have time to watch the clock. Some of your past good deeds may come back to you sooner than you imagined.

LIBRA: Take active steps to release stress and tension. A blossoming relationship could grow quickly if the other person returns your trust equally. If you need help, it’s OK to just ask without exaggerating your needs.

SCORPIO: Your reliable sixth sense might tell you when to turn on the charm and when to make a pleasing purchase. Your moneymaking skills could be in high gear, especially when you are doing a job that you love.

SAGITTARIUS: You seldom get anywhere by standing still. Move ahead with a business idea or consider following someone’s tactical advice. Your creative ideas or an ongoing project could receive extra attention and praise today.

CAPRICORN: By trying to satisfy everyone, you might displease someone crucial to your happiness. Avoid giving anyone a reason to doubt your trustworthiness and consider whether your own lack of trust negatively affects your decisions.

AQUARIUS: Look past the surface — someone you know might have a bigger heart hidden within than is visible on their sleeve. Take time to really know people; don’t assume and don’t project your own stuff onto others.

PISCES: Having high ideals may motivate you to do what you can to make the world a better place. You might overspend to uphold your beliefs or be generous to a fault. Don’t bite off more, expense-wise, than you can chew.

IF JAN. 2 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your head may be in the clouds during the upcoming four to five weeks. Your expectations could be unrealistic and you might want to spend your days on things that aren’t at all productive. Your optimistic nature gives you confidence in February when you are likely all too willing to take risks but are also capable of great achievement. Pay attention to the new acquaintances you meet during March — it’s a good time to widen your scope of influence by networking with like-minded people. Late March may be a good time to begin a creative project or take a romantic vacation built for two. In late April and early May, ward off business and career setbacks by sticking to what you know and not taking any financial risks. In July, you can move forward with new projects, plans, and realizing your ambitions. Embrace opportunities and offers since you can expect a certain amount of success with anything you begin.

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