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ARIES: Learn from the situation. Check in with yourself to see if you’ve given too much power to someone. If so, take back your power and keep it. View any conflict as a situation that can be solved for everyone’s benefit.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Your fondest dreams must be based on realistic odds of success or pursuing them could cause more harm than good. Find a balance between your goals, good self-care, and what you need to do for those around you.

You may need to set a good example or make the first move. Insightful thinking helps you make your mark but only if you back up your ideas with action. Watch out for scams when making purchases or investments.

CANCER: Wishful thinking is a road that is paved with good intentions but might lead nowhere. You may have big ambitions and even bigger dreams, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you can get ahead without effort.

LEO: Winning might seem to be the only thing that matters. You may depend on sheer will power to outdo everyone else at work or to take command of a job. Boldness and confidence can be inspiring to some and abrasive to others.

VIRGO: Check your ego at the door. You may be tempted to act first and think later because you are passionate about your creative ideas. You might tend to take charge when performing tasks but should do so with mindful courtesy.

LIBRA: It may not be possible to satisfy a big appetite or big objectives just yet. Be sure you are keeping things proportional. You might be tempted to take advantage of someone’s generosity or some kind of freebie.

SCORPIO: Impress people instantly. You have plenty of self-confidence, but don’t overestimate your abilities or get in over your head. Be cautious about signing important contracts that could impact your assets and resources.

SAGITTARIUS: The apprentice might outshine the master. All your hard work and determination will eventually pay off in added material security. Ignore tempting offers now because you might not notice the fine print.

CAPRICORN: Your daydreams may include imaginative ambitions. Don’t take on added responsibilities that might create complications or have hidden drawbacks. Ask for clarification from a loved one or partner.

AQUARIUS: You cannot satisfy all your wants and needs quite yet. Take a detour around key decisions until you have a better grasp of a situation. You could fall victim to a sales pitch or misunderstand the benefits in a key description.

PISCES: Engaging in attractive but empty schemes might waste your time or your money. A loved one or partner might only see issues in terms of black and white while you see shades of gray or a rainbow. Love can ease temporary differences.

IF JAN. 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Excuses are unlikely to be accepted for not completing assignments or handling obligations during the next two weeks, so you must keep your nose to the grindstone. In late February, you may be easily distracted by romantic or idealistic fantasies and miss out on something important. Late March, when your insight and material instincts are at their best, offers an excellent time to make profitable financial and business changes. Life should be good to you during late April when you can sit back and relax, enjoying the rewards of your hard work. You may be able to get away from it all by taking a romantic vacation or you might stay put and actively pursue any opportunities that come your way. Your smart business moves make late May and early June the ideal time to focus on achieving material success.

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