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ARIES: You might not know quite where you stand if an unexpected bill or sudden change forces you to make adjustments. Friends or loved ones could encourage you to make a major purchase but it is best to wait a few days.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Even if you sometimes struggle to handle ever-evolving new technologies, if you get with someone who can shed light, instructions should become clear. A partner or even a teen could be the one to help you master new talents

GEMINI: Stick to an existing plan of action. Someone without a complete understanding might encourage you to throw caution to the wind when caution is your best protection. Persistence can propel you to the top.

CANCER: You may be feeling too mellow and selfless to protect your boundaries or stand up for yourself but that’s a job you can’t delegate. Focus on working in tandem with a partner or loved one who has a handle on priorities.

LEO: A deep-seated commitment to persistence and determination gives you the patience to keep at it until the tasks on your list are completed and you have honored your responsibilities. Don’t do anything sketchy or gray area.

VIRGO: Hindsight can be twenty-twenty. Today’s best possible choice might turn out to be the worst if you reconsider it in a few days’ time. Focus on getting end-of-the-year work completed and avoid launching major initiatives.

LIBRA: Choosing the lesser of two evils may leave you no choice at all. It may be better to just wait until after the New Year to make a change within your home. Someone may have unusual or original ideas to share.

SCORPIO: A partner or loved one may briefly notice a passing attraction. Some people find it extremely difficult to handle unexpected changes so do not be surprised if someone isn’t able to cope and needs your help and understanding.

SAGITTARIUS: Do more research, then consider relaxing about an existing financial arrangement. Have faith that promises made in the past will likely be kept. Nevertheless, avoid embarking on any risky investments and steer clear of debates today.

CAPRICORN: If you feel overly concerned about other people’s opinions, up your self-care and self-validation games. Put your romantic urges on hold until you finish up your assignments and complete your work for the day.

AQUARIUS: Surprising messages or news could make you happy or throw your schedule off track. Social activities or family issues could be on your mind but don’t handle your personal business if you are on someone else’s clock.

PISCES: Remain grounded even if you and a homie may be inclined to flights of fancy or gales of laughter. Heads in the clouds are fine as long as at least one of you is also paying attention to what is going on in 3D reality.

IF DEC. 28 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: If you are reading the cues correctly, you could daydream about get rich schemes or fool yourself into thinking a friend has romance in mind during the upcoming three to four weeks. It may be best to immerse yourself in sports or other physical activities to burn off your excess exuberance as February approaches. In February you may be too materialistic and miss out on more important things in life, so wait to put your ideas into play. March is a wonderful time for a romantic getaway or an inspiring vacation. Your social network may expand in April, but your business acumen is at a low point. June is the best time to make long-range financial plans, launch a business, or to initiate any new project of importance. If you are offered a job or given an opportunity, it is probably in your best interest to accept it. Any opportunities that appear will be in your best interest to accept.

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