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ARIES: A preference for the limelight without rolling up your sleeves to do the work may not be an option. You may have to surrender to the current need and dig down into your trove of self-discipline to get the job done.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: A few thoughtful words to instill inspiration can do a world of good. You could be a sympathetic sounding board for someone struggling with a personal issue. Spend time with an old or brand-new friend.

GEMINI: Be discreet and avoid sharing potentially confidential information.  Even with good intentions, voicing criticisms could do much more harm than good. Too much negativity can make mildly troubling events seem worse

CANCER: Put some real energy behind your talk. Outdoor activities, sports or exercise could help you blow off steam and loosen up.. Don’t initiate a heart-to-heart talk to bring you both closer if you can’t process the past now.

LEO: Choose to buy quality rather than following a fad. Apply an eye for detail to any potential purchase and you will probably find flaws. One of your closest friends may act on your behalf, but without your knowledge.

VIRGO: Consider the symbolisms within your dreams — you may be given insights into what is going on in your subconscious mind or receive timely help. You may take a dim view of a directive that doesn’t seem to make sense..

LIBRA: You can spread sunshine around with friendly greetings. Sharing a sense of camaraderie can make the possibility of an affectionate merger a reality. Analyze your budget and think carefully about finances.

SCORPIO: You may struggle to make a change in routines. Amuse yourself with a hobby or enjoy some belly laughs with friends or associates. Meeting new people and discussing their views could teach you something of value.

SAGITTARIUS: Reach out for what you are dreaming of. Your life can be enriched by amusements and hobbies as well as by learning new skills. Gather knowledge and expand your horizons through as many means as possible.

CAPRICORN: Avoid taking on extra obligations. You might be tempted to flaunt bougie trappings of success by spending more than you can afford. Keep the budget in mind when tempting or trendy items call your name.

AQUARIUS: You may benefit from listening to inner guidance as well as good advice from others. Get reassurance from reliable sources if you are anxious or feeling stuck on a treadmill that is going nowhere.

PISCES: Impress people with your warmth, charm and gentle spirit. Attractive new contacts may tempt you to take a break from a current crush, but don’t break a commitment. A business matter might require careful planning.

IF FEB. 8 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Friends may become an important part of your life during the next two to three weeks when you may be inspired to choose a better set of goals. An opportunity to make a dream come true could arrive in March when you will have plenty of assistance and supporters to help you make progress. That is when your business skills are enhanced, too, so this might be a good time to make a job change or launch a profitable side gig. If single, avoid getting involved with new romantic entanglements in April when you are prone to wishful thinking. Your outlook may change, or unpredictable conditions can keep you in suspense in May and June, so sit tight until the dust settles. Maintain a low profile and refuse to do battle with others during June when you might be too competitive and lose out by being rash or argumentative. You can make astute decisions about financial matters in August and have the wisdom to make sound plans.

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