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ARIES: You may be tempted to defend your actions or confront haters or trolls. Rise above any potential conflict that involves a family member or a friend. Avoid taking risks by keeping your enthusiasms focused and under control.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Put business before pleasure. Use your street smarts to deal with the latest investment ideas and to analyze upcoming transactions. Use your adaptable intelligence to find practical solutions to emerging problems.

GEMINI: Be crystal clear about your boundaries and avoid the temptation to spend too freely. Lead the way and show everyone you are quick on your feet. It would be wise to take casual promises with a grain of salt today.

CANCER: Do not fight city hall. Someone’s opposition to your plans can create a temporary roadblock and prevent you from making headway with your plans. Go along with mainstream opinions if possible to fit in better right now..

LEO: Love will find a way. Do something nice for a loved one or show appreciation for someone’s thoughtful gesture of affection. You are very effective when handling investments and engaged in moneymaking activities.

Respect the bottom line. Your acumen is strengthened so you should be able to ask the right questions and understand the fine print. Incorporate insightful and timely tactics into your short- and long-range plans.

LIBRA: It will be easy to demonstrate you are self-motivated and a self-starter when you handle negotiations or other delicate matters without supervision. Use clear thinking and objectivity to juggle all the details and personalities.

SCORPIO:. Accept your current situation without exaggerating your skills and talents but work on mapping out your future. You can be relied upon to handle situations that require passion, persistence and imagination.

SAGITTARIUS: You may feel you’re expected to dig deeply into your pockets to honor a promise or make someone happy. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth in business transactions; only buy what you can afford.

CAPRICORN: Be smart about your spending. You could save significant money by taking advantage of sales or specials. Be discriminating, do your homework, and you’ll find the best value for your money spent.

AQUARIUS: Money manipulations could be advantageous to you now. Consider ways to consolidate bills or pay them down and save a great deal each month. Use levelheaded strategies and business know-how to improve your lifestyle.

PISCES: Operate from the highest integrity and the good you do will always return back to you. Use powers of pattern recognition to make short work of any job. Don’t add to your debt load this week unless it’s an emergency.

IF JAN. 24 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might be easily fooled and misled during the upcoming week or two so hold off on making important decisions. You will come back down to earth in February when you should be more able to analyze your situation and see things with greater clarity. Late February and early March may bring the blossoming of your business, career and financial expertise. This is a good time to push the limits, ask for a raise, change jobs or reassess your investments. Early May could be the best time for an enjoyable vacation and your best bet for a romantic encounter or inspiring experience. You may be eager for romantic outings and have the imagination to tackle new ideas. Relax in late May when you are filled with optimism and might receive opportunities. Get all your ducks in a row so that during late July and early August, you will not need to make crucial changes or decisions while you have already have extra responsibilities.

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