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ARIES: Loved ones should have your back, but strangers and casual friends may be more willing to take advantage of your kindness. Organize your calendar so things go more smoothly and there is more time for entertainment and fun.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Don’t dwell on the past. Whatever occurred previously might impact your family or public image, but you can learn from past mistakes. Unite with loved ones to overcome obstacles and strive to support each other.

GEMINI: Obstacles are some of the most effective teachers when you’re thinking of the long game. If your ideas get shot down, ask questions and learn. Enjoy social activities where you can let off steam in competitive events.

CANCER: Throw the dice and see where your luck takes you. Social activities, fun, and romance could head up your “to do” list. Use good taste to improve your surroundings and home base, but steer clear of new investments.

LEO: Don’t substitute strategies for sincerity in tricky situations. When ambition is your middle name, you have to avoid the temptation to take shortcuts. Remain polite and avoid making impulsive decisions because they may prove costly.

VIRGO: A close relationship could experience a breakdown or a breakthrough. Although you enjoy someone’s admiration, take their advice with a grain of salt. This is not a good day to make firm decisions or changes.

LIBRA: Use imagination to work with others. Your taste may be excellent, but you could impulsively buy something just to please a loved one. You can cheer people up and say things without stepping on anyone’s toes.

SCORPIO: The daily grind might feel overwhelming at times. Even if it really appears that someone is not pulling their weight, don’t endanger your relationship by criticizing someone who’s actually doing their best.

SAGITTARIUS: Protecting your peace of mind should be a priority. You might be a mere bystander, but you could be drawn into drama if you’re not careful. Give loved ones the benefit of the doubt even if you suspect something is off.

CAPRICORN: Too much hurry can cause harm or be hurtful. Stop to think before you speak and allow plenty of time to reach your destination. You may have regrets if you aggressively insist on having the last word.

AQUARIUS: You may be tempted to wander away from the herd if it feels too difficult to walk the very fine line between opposing factions. Proposals and propositions may sound attractive but could create personal liabilities.

PISCES: Avoid arguments and misunderstandings by being precise about what you say. It is possible for someone to take offense if you camouflage your feelings. Put off important discussions and meetings until tomorrow.

IF SEPT. 5 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: One part of you might dream of a romantic fling or vacation during the next three to four weeks but another side is focused on achieving success in the outer world. Avoid making major decisions based on wishful thinking and look forward to next month when you can put something of lasting value into motion. Late October and the first half of November is the best time to make major changes, launch crucial plans, or make important commitments. Because everyone sees your best side, you could successfully interview for a new position, change careers, or meet the person of your dreams. Late January until early March can offer numerous opportunities to change your life for the better. You could encounter supportive people and will have the common sense and wisdom to embrace them.

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