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ARIES: It’s fine to act in your own best interests, but defending your family or taking care of your financial needs is also a priority now. Someone, or something, worth having could show up on your radar this weekend.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Social events may sometimes be more about fundraising and business networking than fun. You may be able to gather with like-minded people, but you might need to dig deep into your pockets to really become part of a group.

GEMINI: Friends or family members may urge you to go faster when you should slow down. Hold off on making crucial decisions because you could be on edge and easily distracted so you might overlook some potential pitfalls.

CANCER: Work with your emotions so you can learn to release them constructively. You may believe that someone is pressuring you to behave in a way that is contrary to your nature. “Stay calm and carry on” should be your motto.

LEO: Cool your jets. You may be too eager to take on a challenge or try something risky. Don’t go where angels fear to tread. If you are too aggressive or rush through an activity, someone or something may be forgotten.

VIRGO: You can run, but you can’t hide today. A miscommunication won't give you the out you may be hoping for. You’ll still need to do the thing you agreed to do. Sometimes you just have to stand up and do the right thing.

LIBRA: It is usually possible to remain neutral and avoid taking sides. You might appease everyone by finding a happy medium. A companion or loved one may be clever about finances but might be defensive about something personal.

SCORPIO: Be leery of offers you can’t refuse. Don’t accept unsolicited offers and give yourself permission to say “no” to a sales pitch. It could be a day when you are less accurate when handling numbers or reading the fine print.

SAGITTARIUS: Take a break from the grind and consider revisiting innocent childhood pleasures. Perhaps you can turn a hobby into a business. A loved one or partner may be too competitive at games and not enjoy coming in second.

CAPRICORN: Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose. The safest bet is not to bet at all right now, as the chips might not fall in your favor. You can’t be sure that someone is giving you all the facts or being upfront about the drawbacks.

AQUARIUS: A friend can enrich and activate your belief systems by giving you food for thought. You may be tempted to break away from family traditions and try something new. Steer clear of arguments and disputes.

PISCES: Wake up and pay attention. You may have been tuned out during a partner’s recent conversation and could be completely unaware of a change in their plans. Hold off on holding crucial discussions for now.

IF AUG. 20 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your careful saving and financial maneuvering can help you to reach your goals as the next four to five weeks unfold. Friends may distract you from your work in October and early November, or conversely, someone may challenge you to step up and be more competitive. The focus is on achieving your ambitions in late November and December when a passion for material success feels like it must be satisfied. This could be a good time to start a business or to make another lasting transformation in your career or financial life. Take no chances and buckle down to hard work in January and February when the stakes are high and any mistake you make could prove costly.

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