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ARIES: A loyal companion could be cheering you on. Where business is concerned, your social skills may come into play. Make a sincere presentation and even the busiest person should take a few moments to hear you out.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Playing it loose and free may not please someone who may be hoping for commitment. This is a good time to make lasting connections that inspire you to be the best you can be and achieve your dreams.

GEMINI: If you get a great compliment, breathe it all the way in. You may be at odds with someone or become embroiled in a family squabble that could briefly knock you off balance. Fatten your bank account by focusing on long-term plans.

CANCER: Keep it real, but also be careful and wise. A work-related discussion might bring out the worst in someone. Still, stick to the truth. Someone special might have more than a passing fling in mind when you join forces.

LEO: You’ll get to the front of the line more quickly using cooperation rather than conflict. If you are not where you hoped to be at this point in your life, re-evaluate your expectations. Appreciate those who have been loyal.

VIRGO: Your job may seem routine but if you continue to learn new things, you can remain valuable, curious and engaged. You may feel the romantic and spiritual bonds grow stronger when you are with someone special.

LIBRA: Bask in someone’s adoration. A magnetic attraction to an admirable person may be acknowledged. Mutual trust can be built if you are willing to adjust your viewpoint and go along with someone’s suggestions.

SCORPIO: You are not required to be all work and no play. Someone from your workplace might prove to be a true ally, or a budding office romance could blossom. A new business contact might prove fascinating.

SAGITTARIUS: When it comes right down to it, you should discover that your trust is well-placed; your faith will most likely be rewarded if you need a friend to support you. Focus on romance and love and sidestep disagreements.

CAPRICORN: Someone’s inspiring ideas might light a fire in your heart. You, in turn, may find they are serious about you. Enlist the help of a loved one or friend to see a troublesome project through to timely completion.

AQUARIUS: Even if you express an opinion that is seemingly in line with what your friends believe, not everyone may be interested in hearing it. Focus on proving you are trustworthy in a work environment. Purchase only durable and lasting products.

PISCES: Dealing with family irritations and a busy household might be necessary, though you might rather be immersed in creative moneymaking ideas. Gather fresh perspectives by talking over your plans with a loyal loved one.

IF AUGUST 23 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Learning when you need to be more self-reliant, and how to make more astute decisions may be the lessons to learn during the upcoming four to five weeks. This is a time to make intelligent choices concerning your business, finances or career. You may need to work hard to maintain this new course, especially in late October when it is tempting to take a vacation or otherwise create a break in routine. If you stick to it, you may receive recognition for your performance or rewards for your diligence. Take your vacation in early December when your romantic side is accentuated for the best results. In the last half of December, important opportunities may appear that, if accepted, can ease the way for many years to come.

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