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ARIES A loved one may seem to need extra rations of reassurance and respect. Avoid an urge to question or shirk your duties because other people are counting on you to keep your promises. Good manners are always welcome.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS If you march to your own drumbeat, you may end up marching alone. Avoid making abrupt decisions and changes without discussing it with a partner. Treat yourself to a small reward even if time is short.

GEMINI Extravagance can be for a good cause. You may go overboard just to make someone happy and loved. It is tempting to take someone for granted when you have become accustomed to having them by your side.

CANCER Think through the best path forward in advance and only purchase items that make sense from a practical standpoint. You may be envious of someone or tempted to engage in a romantic tug of war with a loved one.

LEO Rollercoaster or funhouse? Your day might seem to be filled with ups and downs, and surprises might be lurking behind every door. When you point out mistakes, even if you are correct, all you may succeed in doing is stirring up controversy.

VIRGO Good judgment could be on your side when key decisions must be made. Nevertheless, friends may urge you to go ahead with extravagant expenditures or drastic changes. There’s little harm in talking about alternatives.

LIBRA Put the accent on the positive. Take advantage of a partner’s good reputation and appreciate every loved one’s loyalty. Consider if you need to draw a boundary when it comes to letting friends and family borrow your belongings.

SCORPIO Even when you get close to someone or something, you can still choose to see the blessings, not just the flaws. You may not be too pleased if a partner or loved one changes their mind at the last minute and disrupts your plans.

SAGITTARIUS Look no further than your own stomping grounds to meet interesting new people. Resist the temptation to make a radical change to your work routines or investments — it could cause you future challenges.

CAPRICORN Don’t take it personally. People who haven’t found their own passion may display some envy of your success or offer insincere flattery. Remain in contact with trustworthy allies to strengthen your position.

AQUARIUS This isn’t the dress rehearsal, this is it. Be sure to attend to crucial details now, don’t blow them off and assume you can skate. Your bluff may be called if you skirt the rules, so don’t gamble that someone will back down.

PISCES You may be more outgoing and cooperative than usual, but you could skip essential details. Giving to the less fortunate is deeply fulfilling, but maintain boundaries so that people can't take advantage of your generous nature.

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