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ARIES: Everyone is easier to be around when they are feeling great. Social interactions and sharing fun activities with adoring companions might become a major focus in the week ahead. Reap justified rewards for being trustworthy.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: One for all and all for one. Grow your network of contacts in the week ahead and enjoy invaluable long-term support. Concentrate on your duties and being a team player even if participation somewhat hobbles your freedom.

GEMINI: Ideas and actions must connect to bring manifestation. Your enthusiasm can stimulate your thinking processes in the upcoming week so much can be accomplished. Try to learn something new every day.

CANCER: Positive self-talk creates an improved state of mind. This might be a good week to develop practical and useful study habits. You could find that the people you meet are friendly and willing to help you.

LEO: The pilot light of your love and affection may flicker but should never go out. Key relationships may test your patience but by the end of the week, harmony and cooperation should be restored. Honor your commitments.

VIRGO: You could feel ready to adopt some helpful new attitudes and behaviors. Focus on fattening your bank account and taking care of your possessions in the week to come. Put words of wisdom to good use.

LIBRA: Grow closer to loved ones as the week unfolds. A partner may be willing to help you follow an exciting idea through to completion. You may meet someone who inspires you to try a hands-on approach or a new study.

SCORPIO: Check in with your inner compass to find the best direction. Accept invitations if you hope to expand your sphere of influence. Discuss your career and business ambitions with a friend or trusted confidant in the week ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: Create camaraderie by displaying confidence in someone’s abilities. Your opinions may shift as you become more aware of exciting and enriching ideas in the week ahead. Focus on fulfilling existing commitments.

CAPRICORN: Watch your money. What seems like a smart purchase today might not be wise when you review the outcome later. Establish boundaries as to what you can, and cannot, accomplish in the week ahead.

AQUARIUS: Fear and doubt could attract problems while optimism and faith in a positive outcome attracts success. As this week unfolds you will accomplish much more if recognition and credit are shared with all contributors.

PISCES: Listen and learn in the upcoming week. Financial advice and suggestions about upcoming expenditures could be valuable. Demonstrate your willingness to be cooperative especially at play or on the job.

IF AUG. 28 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the upcoming six to seven weeks, your lucky stars are shining. Anyone who has your best interests at heart could grow closer, but those who are insincere are likely to fade into the background. If a person is the genuine article, you can safely make a romantic commitment. Mid-September is an excellent time to make crucial decisions and major changes. You may have stars in your eyes in the first half of October when you might be in love with the idea of being in love. However, your romantic notions should not blind you to the facts since your business and financial strategies should be right on target. December can bring lighthearted fun and plenty of social activity. Late January, when your vision is paired with perceptiveness, is a good time to make key decisions that affect your finances, investments and career.

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