Today's Horoscopes

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ARIES: Working hard may impress new friends. A track record of being trustworthy in the past can be your best testimonial. Lasso imaginative thoughts and put them down on paper so you can explore their pros and cons.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Be wise about how you allocate your resources and consider cutting out a few non-essential items to restore the health of your bank balance. Don’t give yourself a headache by trying to start a new project today.

GEMINI: Get up and get to it. Although it is tempting to procrastinate because you are not working under a deadline, remember that someone may be observing you. This is not a good day to make excuses or to call in sick.

CANCER: Inspiration can arrive from an unlikely source. You may find creative ways to apply your business sense to a new idea. It may be necessary to tame your enthusiasm when a startling revelation comes to light.

LEO: It is difficult to grow a garden in a barren desert. New friends may enrich your life with alternative ideas or original concepts. Bide your time and wait until conditions are ripe to turn your dreams into something nourishing.

VIRGO: Put a network of friends and contacts to good use by tapping into their collection of useful information. Other people may be able to relax and take it easy, but you are aware of a list of chores or duties to complete.

LIBRA: You may enjoy social activities, but your conscience might remind you that you have free time to get a head start preparing for your next project. Getting drawn into someone’s drama could turn out to be counterproductive.

SCORPIO: Focus on quality not quantity. Someone close may succeed by multitasking but you may be better off doing one task well than performing several tasks poorly. Set your own schedule and stick to it like glue.

SAGITTARIUS: Encourage other people to be part of the team. Remind someone who seems isolated or withdrawn that you are all working to achieve the same results. This is not the best time to sign or change contracts.

CAPRICORN: Keep the momentum going. Rather than beginning something new, continue to work on projects until they are well-polished. Use the confidence built on previous successes to move on to bigger and better victories.

AQUARIUS: Fascinating words may hide ulterior motives. Someone may seem too good to be true and you may suspect that you are just being fed a line. Consider moving ahead despite doubts — you should end up with something worthwhile.

PISCES: Don’t expect loved ones to read your mind. If you hide your real feelings so no one knows what you are thinking, it can cause dissension. Unrealistic expectations may undermine anything important you begin.

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