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ARIES: Sit on your hands and do not meddle with a family member’s personal issue. You may be tempted to change some investments in a hope that you will strike it rich. Control urges that burn through money and emotions.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: Make yourself available to act as someone’s advocate. You will be appreciated for your logical appraisals of people and complex situations. You can reap the greatest benefits by frequently interacting with others.

GEMINI: Bide your time and exercise self-discipline. To learn something new may require patience because there are too many unknowns and vague instructions. This is not the right time to act upon any unbridled compassion.

CANCER: Shift your financial plans into neutral. Do what is expected and avoid acting on lottery-winning fantasies. Concentrate on honing the practical skills that may have proved difficult for you to master in the past.

LEO: You may realize that it is more expedient to be efficient. A loved one or companion might demonstrate how quickly difficult tasks can be completed when every step is organized. Flex when there’s a deadline to meet.

VIRGO: Don’t take a loved one’s agreement for granted. You may need to tiptoe around sensitive issues and concerns that are hidden behind a smile. Avoid making significant changes and delay signing contracts or agreements.

LIBRA: Devote more time to hobbies or personal projects and give yourself breathing space. You may lack essential elements to get major projects rolling. Focus on achieving tangible short-term goals that you can complete quickly.

SCORPIO: Rise above the ordinary like an eagle and take a broader view. There may be hidden strings attached to a financial proposal or something you purchase today might not live up to its advertising and be disappointing.

SAGITTARIUS: You can be soft-hearted but that does not mean you must be soft-headed. Your sympathies may be stirred but you should not make excuses for someone’s bad behavior. Expect the best but plan for the worst.

CAPRICORN: Resolve an adversarial situation quickly by offering a mutually beneficial compromise. Make sure that you are adequately prepared for any unexpected expenses and have carefully organized your latest project.

AQUARIUS: Orderliness and neatness makes everything run more smoothly. An organized work space ensures that all your tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. Keep a lid on your spending and avoid unnecessary purchases.

PISCES: You might think things are better — or worse — than they really are. Don’t be overconfident or exaggerate your worries. You are likely to blow an imagined slight out of proportion. Wait to launch new projects.

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