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ARIES: If someone is acting strangely, it’s unlikely to have anything to do with you. They could be dealing with their own issues and trust you to stand by them. Offer them the help they need to face the changes when you can.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It might be easier to hide from change rather than to face it head on. Epic tales often begin with a hero or heroine facing their foe rather than hiding under the bed. Facing change can be scary but it may be the only way to thrive.

GEMINI: The more control you try and force onto your life, the harder the universe may push back. You might need to reorganize the changes or upsets to reestablish the natural order and learn to accept something new.

CANCER: You may need to batten down the hatches. Things could be going in random directions and now may not be the time to put yourself at risk. It can be better to wait for calmer times to start something new.

LEO: If conditions around you become unpredictable, you may have two choices: be an oak or a willow. The oak does not bend until it falls. The willow bends with conditions to endure. Perceived weakness can actually be strength.

VIRGO: The best laid plans could sometimes seem like a challenge. This may not be the time to set any plans in stone. The more flexibility you can allow yourself, the better your future options might be in the end.

LIBRA: Change is the only constant. Some things may be lost, but new possibilities could be revealed after the dust settles. The harder you fight to save old things, the more they might slip beyond your reach.

SCORPIO: Panic might be your initial response to overwhelming changes that can erupt, but finding a quiet place within yourself could help you ride out the storm. A successful strategy may be taking a step back until the situation clarifies.

SAGITTARIUS: It can be up to you to decide how you will face an unpredictable situation. Fighting may leave you feeling tangled and lost. Accepting and processing changes could help you to become stronger than ever.

CAPRICORN: You could have had trouble meeting decision makers and feel stuck, but incoming changes may give you the contacts or the opportunity to shine. Use them to help implement your own changes. Insights can truly matter.

AQUARIUS: Your dedication to obligations could be challenged if unexpected changes interfere with your ability to honor your promises. Do your best to find ways to fulfill the most important commitments in a fluctuating environment.

PISCES: Relationships can change if your overall situation changes. It may be uncomfortable now, but the discomfort can help you endure and grant you a deeper appreciation or understanding. Growing pains mean you are evolving.

IF NOVEMBER 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You might be more blind to facts, easily misled by appearances, or experience instability with anything you begin during the upcoming week. You could be better off waiting until the middle of the month when your financial expertise and business knowledge may be strengthened. During December, remember that anything worth having is worth waiting for, and that you may not receive what you want right away. Opportunities for advancement could arrive in January, so that could be an excellent time to make decisions or accept unexpected offers. Fascinating relationships or creative visions could be the top contenders for your heart in March when a vacation or romantic escape could uplift your spirits. Your popularity may hit a peak, too, and people might only see your good side, so this could be possibly an excellent time for networking, interviewing for a new position or making romantic commitments.

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