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ARIES: Your intuition can give you some important answers, but it is not an accountant. Sometimes the answer that feels right may not match the world’s perspective. Do the research and see if the math also adds up.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You may be having more difficulty than usual with assignments. Identify changes in your routine or distractions that interfere with your concentration. Instead of losing your talent, you may simply have misplaced your focus.

GEMINI: Wanting to play first and work later is what all children dream of, but adults seldom can do this. There could be a sense of nostalgic déjà vu from wanting to hang out with your friends before completing your work.

CANCER: You cannot build a strong building without a strong foundation; this is what keeps it from tipping over. Same for people: If you are not well grounded, you might need to first find your base to establish stability.

LEO: You might be full of romantic daydreams but may get less than you initially bargained for. Someone could be flattered by your attention, but it is not wise to let your desire for a fictional world outweigh your common sense.

VIRGO: Be the one they can trust. There’s no lasting success that involves betraying the people around you. If you cannot be trusted, you will not be able to achieve future advancement regardless of how idyllic your dreams.

LIBRA: The greatest inventors and philosophers refuse to be limited to just the world they can see. Do your best to stop looking around and instead look inward and you could discover something new that others may not realize they need.

SCORPIO: Hobbies from your childhood can often be an introduction to the wider world or a window on forgotten talents. Remembering them could help you rediscover forgotten daydreams or plans for the life you want.

SAGITTARIUS: There may be chores that you have been avoiding which are distracting you from something higher priority. The job that is paying your bills should be the one that gets the majority of your attention now.

CAPRICORN: The daily grind can often leave you feeling like a mindless drone in the hive. It may not be wise to abandon your swarm and leave the honey behind. If you choose to leave, weigh your options carefully to find a successful path.

AQUARIUS: People can often fall into a downward spiral if they feel they cannot manage a certain task. Now may be the time to build up your emergency stores to give yourself some breathing room and stock up your resources for a new project.

PISCES: Not everything may be what it seems, so do your best to avoid becoming morose. You could be concerned you might have been gullible in the past, but your relationships can get back on track if you are willing to wait.

IF OCTOBER 17 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: During the week ahead, you could begin to make intelligent financial assessments and develop business policies that could sustain you through tough times. You may have the energy and enthusiasm to see your projects through to the end in the first part of November, but in the second half you might be focused on achieving your dreams, using your imagination, and enjoying romantic moments. You could win recognition for your fearless leadership in December and January and might form helpful connections in February. In March you could continue to make decisions and form savvy business plans but should maintain a low profile and not begin anything new. Get to work on time and do not risk doing anything that can invite criticism. Take pains to try and fix whatever breaks since one problem might represent a link in a chain of unfortunate events.

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