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ARIES: While you may feel that networking opportunities are just a waste of time, smiling for hours and collecting business cards with no pay off, the time might be coming when you will really need that list of contacts.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It may be hard to admit when you need help, but sometimes it can be the catalyst to guarantee success. There are a million sports cliches about teamwork because it is a lesson everyone needs to learn. Trust in your network to help you.

GEMINI: Reinforce your good habits like getting and staying organized, creating and upholding a budget. You may be more vulnerable than usual to deceptive or manipulative sales pitches so hold on to your cash for now.

CANCER: Try to read deeper into the meaning of someone’s words. You may be in a naïve mood and be oblivious to the potential pitfalls of a proposal. You could be feeling the urge to be extravagant or to overspend on luxuries.

LEO: Sometimes you may agree with someone just to keep the peace. You could believe that a loved one might not be pulling their weight in terms of joint obligations. Try not to blame someone else for any mistakes you have made.

VIRGO: Being kind does not cost anything. Do a good deed or swallow a sarcastic remark before it leaves your mouth whenever you can. You could become even more popular if you consciously make the effort to remain diplomatic.

LIBRA: If you hide your feelings from others, they may shy away from being intimate or truthful with you. Consider showering affection upon your loved ones with sweet gestures or with carefully curated gifts from the heart.

SCORPIO: Plans can change at the very last minute. Even if your heart says “yes” wait for better timing to make an important promise or commitment. A social occasion may bring you into contact with unusual people.

SAGITTARIUS: You may have gotten used to everyone leaning on you for help, but you could be running out of time or energy to take care of everyone. Start saying “no,” to be better able to take care of yourself and your own needs.

CAPRICORN: Though you might have a rare ability to pop out fully formed genius-level ideas, people could be more willing to accept your leadership if you give them a glimpse behind the curtain and show your thought processes.

AQUARIUS: Be sure to voice your high regard for someone; they may need to hear it and you could be remembered for being supportive when they need it. Forgotten obligations might force you into a last-minute scramble to get everything done.

PISCES: Lessons of the past might come in handy in the present. If you know what bothers someone, do your best to avoid doing what upsets them. When you have responsibilities to deal with do not put them aside and allow them to pile up.

IF AUGUST 4 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Your high energy and straightforward approach can win respect during the next two to three weeks because you present an example that others are happy to emulate. Enjoy a romantic weekend and focus on constructive activities, but do not try to turn a profit from creative ideas because your street smarts and common sense might be on hiatus. In late October you might be optimistic and carefree, but you could also be careless because you only see what you want to see. Wait until November when your feet should be planted firmly on the ground to make decisions that affect your bottom line and to firm up loose ends that affect romantic relationships by asking for advice from friends. Late December could be a suitable time to reassess your financial plans and investments with foresight.

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