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ARIES: You may be under a lot of pressure right now because there could be too many demands on your time. People might expect you to do it all because you haven’t set boundaries. Going forward, protect your energy.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: The power working behind the scenes might be managing the purse strings, but you can exert your influence over it. Your original ideas and passion for success could put you in the driver’s seat in any group meeting.

GEMINI: You can offset criticism by responding with empowerment. Think of other people’s feelings before you say something you may end up regretting. Offer encouragement or suggestions rather than disapproval.

CANCER: Launching a new project, business or relationship could cause you confusion or frustration right now. You may encounter some writer’s block or be foiled by circumstances beyond your control. Baby steps; keep the faith.

LEO: Deciding who is in charge does not need to become an issue. You do not have to hold equal positions to develop a mutually enriching relationship. Be forgiving and kind when a loved one indulges in extravagances.

VIRGO: A lack of credentials could be interfering with your progress. You might be thinking about enrolling in a program that can expand your knowledge base, expand your options, or confirm you are already on the right path.

LIBRA: Now may be the time to narrow your attention span and only address the essentials. It is not an optimum time to change jobs or start a new investment strategy. Do not go on a shopping spree if you have a deadline looming.

SCORPIO: Your understanding of profitable business policies might not be as strong currently. You may feel you are hitting the bottom of a barrel, but it could end up being helpful at showing you how to rely on your resourcefulness.

SAGITTARIUS: Thorough research and well-honed investigative skills and can help you build powerful financial strength. Enthusiasm may foster high spirits and pleasant interchanges with loves ones could offer you the ego boost you might be needing.

CAPRICORN: You may be at your best when challenged to handle matters that require stamina or determination. In your ambitious quest for success remember to avoid stepping on the toes of other people or hurting someone’s feelings.

AQUARIUS: Anyone can be vulnerable. You may find that your Achilles heel could be your bank account, so build security by cracking down on your spending habits. Collaborating with a partner might yield the best results.

PISCES: Mixing idealism and strategic planning might require mindful juggling when it comes to your goals. If you are willing to face criticisms with good grace and learn from your errors, you can go far.

IF AUGUST 1 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Imaginative ideas and get-rich schemes could set a fire under your deepest ambitions during the next three to four weeks, but this is not the time to put your money at risk. Take a vacation or outline your dreams and wait for better timing to act. You might be exposed to important or influential people in October who spur you to greater success but make you restless for more excitement and less satisfied with your role in life. You might be carefree and buoyant in November when you have a chance to relax and rest on your laurels. The first half of December when your practical savvy might be at a peak could be the best time to launch crucial business plans or make practical and well thought out financial decisions.

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